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    Default Magic/Fantasy recommendations

    My wife's birthday is coming up soon and she mentioned she'd like some comics about magic and/or based in fantasy worlds. She's read, and loves, Sandman. We have Lucifer and Books of Magic that are on her to read list. Basically I'm looking for any recommendations, stuff that's been collected even if it's still ongoing. It doesn't have to be independent but I doubt she'd be into anything with capes. The only monthly she gets is Vampirella, she's a bit of a fan of cheesecake So, does anyone have any recommendations?
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    She might like Red Sonja. Much of it is pretty good, as is Queen Sonja.

    Make sure she keeps an eye out for Ravine, by Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic, from Top Cow - the first 160-page graphic novel released on February 13.

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    I can recommend the Dungeons & Dragon and Forgotten Realms series from IDW. The D&D series is collected in trades... or least some of it. Not sure the entire series is collected yet.
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    Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross from Vertigo deals with magic and literature.

    Saga by Brian K, Vaughan is sci-fi but deals with a war and culture clash of two worlds, one magical and the other scientific when star-crossed lovers form each world fall in love and draw the ire of both cultures.

    The Dresden Files adaptations from Dynamite and Dabel Brothers are solid entertaining urban fantasy.

    She may like the new Sword of Sorcery series from DC or the recent Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld Showcase collection.

    The Pathfinder comic from Dynamite is a D&D-esque comic if she likes that style of fantasy.

    If you can find the Leave it to Chance collections by James Robinson and Paul Smith, they deal with young Chance Falconer, the daughter of the world's most powerful wizard and protector of his world, and her pet dragon and their misadventures.

    Castle Waiting by Linda Medley is a very good fantasy based series as well.

    Those are a few I would recommend for a start...

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