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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Holmes View Post
    It was really good, but I wish it got a 2 parter like DKR to adapt the whole comic.
    I agree. That would have made it that much more special.
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    I remember really not liking Year One. It felt dull and pointless. Year One really didn't suit the cinematic style and the guy who played Batman was terrible. Not enough of a climax. That's excusable fir a comic that was basically a pilot for Post Crisis Batman but not for a film which will have no sequel. The whole thing fell flat. Gordon was great though.

    Dark Knight Returns Part 1 was fantastic. Probably the best they could have made.

    Under the Red Hood was far better than the original comic as I remembered and was a great story on its own merits.

    I remember finding Gotham Knights more interesting than enjoyable but it was worth it. Didn't fit into Nolan continuity at all.

    Wonder Woman was pretty poor as I remembered it.

    All Star Superman was a mixed bag. I primarily bought it for the Morrison commentary and that was pretty much the best thing about it. I liked it but some of the choices made were kinda baffling. Why did they cut out the Smallville issue for the Kyptonians is beyond me. I remember really liking it towards the end, especially with Lex's story arc.

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    I haven't seen them all, but Doom stands out as being terrible, despite the fun of a mostly reunited JLU cast. It was basically recycled from other stuff, and didn't adapt the story it was from very closely at all. Worst of all, the characters were all wooden and unlikable. Imagine taking Rosenbaum's Flash and turning him wooden and boring. They managed. True, he wasn't the same Flash, but that shouldn't matter. And that's just a sample.

    It felt like something they threw together very quickly before they got to the projects they cared about. Even the abysmal Superman/Doomsday was better.

    Red Hood, Year One, DKR part 1 and New Frontier stand out as the best. WW, Public Enemies, Gotham Knights, and S/B: Apocalypse were good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Darknight Detective View Post
    I like them all, but my favorite is Justice League: New Frontier. That one just moves me the most.
    I'm very fond of this version and have watched it a few times. Plus I loved the Fleischer Studios look for Superman. One of my fav scenes is when MM is watching TV and he shapes shifts into the Merry Melodies version of Bugs Bunny, classic.
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    I liked New Frontier a lot, I just feel it doesn't come remotely close to the comic.

    Red Hood and Mask of the Phantasm are my favourites, Red Hood for topping the source material to the point it's my personal headcanon for Jason's backstory and Mask for being the best of the original stories.

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    Besides Gotham Knight and All Star Superman, I actually pretty much enjoy or love every single DC animated movie (haven't seen the second Green Lantern one yet). Heck, my dad likes them despite not even being a big comic book fan, even the silly and simple beat'em up ones like Public Enemies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquacatlungfish View Post
    I remember really not liking Year One. It felt dull and pointless. Year One really didn't suit the cinematic style and the guy who played Batman was terrible. Not enough of a climax. That's excusable fir a comic that was basically a pilot for Post Crisis Batman but not for a film which will have no sequel. The whole thing fell flat. Gordon was great though.

    Dark Knight Returns Part 1 was fantastic. Probably the best they could have made.
    I agree on this a 100%. I have never read Batman Year One but the animated movie totally turned me off ... I have read a lot of Batman books since then but never got around to actually read Year One. Too bad, since a lot of
    people think its THE Batman book and Im a big Batman fan :P
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    Under the Red Hood was great, better than the source material, and it provided a better explanation for Jason's resurrection, which I believe has been adapted in the New 52.
    Year One was good, it was faithful to the comic, but somehow it couldn't quite capture the excitement of the original graphic novel to me.
    Mask of the Phantasm, Sub-Zero, and Return of the Joker are all very good TAS Universe movies.
    Justice League: Doom wasn't awful, but kinda boring and pretty lame to me.
    Haven't seem DKR part 1 yet, but planning to watch it pretty soon.

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    under the red hood was better than great. In fact, most of the Batman movies are really fantastic. DKR was a level above the rest. With the exception of avengers: Earthes Mightiest Heroes DC has the animated movie market locked down in spades.

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    I like a lot of them, but the ones I own on DVD are Mask of the Phantasm and Under the Red Hood.
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    ive liked most of them. my favorite would have to be Under the Red Hood. i went into that movie hating Jason Todd but i enjoyed it so much that Jason has actually become one of my favorite characters. i loved All Star Superman but was disapointed by how much they cut out because of the running time.
    worst has to be Superman: Doomsday, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Emerald Knights

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    I watched every movie since Superman: Doomsday except for The Dark Knight part 1. I think if you're a DC Comics fan, you owe it to yourself to try to watch them, especially if you have streaming video services such as Netflix. As such, I'm not going to make any particular recommendations, but I'll just mention how I felt about them.

    I didn't like Gotham Knights or Green Lantern: Emerald Knights so much because neither is one continuous story, and I think trying to compile a bunch of short stories together made for sections of those "movies" that were pretty dull.

    I noticed All-Star Superman got a lot of thumbs down here, and for somewhat good reason, because there's no way a 70-minute movie can live up to the 12-issue comic. However, it's important to note that the ending of the movie is different from the book, and I thought it was actually superior.

    Superman: Doomsday, not at all surprisingly, starts to tell the "Death of Superman" story, but goes in totally different direction from the year's worth of comics that followed. I think this is okay, but the movie feels weird and simplistic post-death.

    Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths was alright until the end, when it pretty much was all about Batman and everyone else literally stands and waits.

    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies starts out like the books, but then just veers off. That's probably bad if you really loved the PE comic run, but I don't think too highly of either story. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is much more loyal, but I think it had some variations from the original, good and bad.

    Batman: Year One, IIRC, is almost a verbatim re-telling of the Miller comic. I think it's weird that the above S/B stories would vary here and there in minor but noticeable ways, but then the creative staff would be super adamant about not digressing from anything Miller wrote. Apparently Miller Batman gets done with a different set of rules. The story's good, but I thought it was a little bit boring. I didn't like the Catwoman short.

    Justice League: Doom is only kind of like "Tower of Babel," with changes that are better and worse. Not a terribly deep story.

    Justice League: New Frontier is fairly accurate for a 70-minute re-telling, but I have to give it a tsk tsk for changing a Wonder Woman speech into a Lois Lane speech (see what I mean about the Miller rules?).

    Wonder Woman finally gave her an animated origin story that incorporated the classic stuff like the competition. Good action and pacing here. Just note WW can't fly in this, and once again she's a rookie, as what happens so often in WW stories these days.

    I don't remember much about Green Lantern: First Flight, but I do remember thinking it was decent, and I liked it better than the second GL movie.

    Superman vs. the Elite felt by far the most cheaply-made of every movie, from the intro to the animation. I know Action Comics #775 is a little polarizing, but I was hoping that they could've made it so that the statement about Superman the movie made wouldn't feel kind of watered down and simplistic. No dice for me.

    Batman: Under the Red Hood was probably the best all-around of all the movies in this time. The reasoning for bringing Jason back from the dead is probably better than the comics.

    I might be leaving out a movie or two, but that's all that comes to mind right now.

    There are also various animated shorts that come with many of these movies, and there's also a collection of shorts on another disc, the Superman/Shazam one, I think.

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    New Frontier
    Under the Red Hood
    The Dark Knight Returns
    All-Star Superman
    Wonder Woman


    Justice League:Crisis on Two Earths
    Superman vs The Elite(because of the art)
    Green Lantern:First Flight
    Green Lantern:Emerald Knights.

    Just ok
    Batman:Gotham Knight
    Batman Year:One

    Justice League:Doom
    Superman/Batman:Public Enemies
    Superman/Batman Apocalypse(I'm really torn on this one,it's a good movie but Darkseid's entire involvement is completely unnecessary and does the character a lot of damage).

    Still they are all enjoyable,and the animated shorts were great.
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    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
    Justice League: Doom
    Wonder Woman
    Gotham Knight

    Everything else was boring, or just some big action gangbang.
    I still haven't watched animated shorts, but I intend to.

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    Under The Red Hood.
    Dark Knight Returns Pt 1.
    Mask of Phantasm.
    Return of the Joker.
    New Frontier.
    Wonder Women.
    All Star Superman.
    Crises on two Earths.
    Year One.
    Superman/Batman Public Enemys.

    Thats my top 10.


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