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    Default YOUR Ultimate Hero Team vs YOUR Ultimate Villain Team!!!

    Hi fellow geeks! I have this idea to make a different kind of VS thread, the one that puts more emphasis on our own "dream team" rather than the actual winners of the battles itself. I believe it should be fun to see what we can come up with. Unlike Avengers (Marvel) or Justice League (DC), you can mix-and-match any characters from anywhere in here.

    The idea is to build your own "ultimate team" of heroes and villains of any characters; historical / real life or fictional, from any properties (comic books, movies, video games, anime, etc). Any anti-hero characters can be put into either "hero" or "villain" teams.

    Your ultimate dream team have to be based on this team structure:

    The Leader
    The leader of your team, can be anyone from Abraham Lincoln to Captain America. You must also appoint another team member to be your second-in-command.

    The Genius
    The brains of the team, the one with genius intellect in any particular field; from battle strategies to technical and weapons expert, or even the medical doctor of the team. Example: Sun Tzu, Sherlock Holmes, Donatello, Dr. House

    The Fighter
    The martial arts expert or a tough hand-to-hand / melee fighter. Example: Bruce Lee, Kenshin, Leonardo

    The Bruiser
    The strongest member with the most devastating raw power, physical or otherwise. Example: Hulk, Superman, He-Man.
    I suspect most of the team battles will be decided with which side's bruiser is considered stronger, though hopefully not all the time.

    The Girl
    Even though any team members can be either male or female, this one represents the gender minority of the team to keep it sexually diverse. If most of your team members are males, then you put a female in this slot. If most of your team members are females, then you put a male one here.

    The Robot
    A character with robotic or machine-based characteristics. Example: RoboCop, Iron Man, a Transformer or Terminator.

    The Animal
    From Godzilla, King Kong, Mickey Mouse, Donkey Kong or Pokemon.

    The Villain
    It's not uncommon for a hero and a villain to work together to take down a bigger threat. This one is the bad boy / bad girl of the team, one that hopefully adds a badass / funny / interesting dynamic with the other team members. Example: The Joker, Dr. Doom, etc.
    In the "Villains" team, this one is changed into a hero.

    The Vehicle
    A vehicle that can be used / operated by at least one member your team. Vehicle examples: Doc Brown's DeLorean, M.A.S.K. vehicles, Batmobile, Tron Lightcycle, X-Wing, Turtle Wagon, etc.
    Any vehicle that takes more than the whole team members to pilot / operate it (Death Star, Helicarrier, Starship Enterprise) can't be a team vehicle.
    No Transformer character is allowed as "the vehicle".

    The Partner
    Any two of the above team members have to partnered with one another to create an interesting dynamic duo.


    You create both hero and villain teams, and the next poster will answer which of the team they think is going to win, and why - before creating their own teams as well.

    It's better, though not necessary, to add a line or two about each of the characters you used since not all characters will be familiar to everyone in the forum.

    You can put small or medium-sized pictures for the characters, but no big pictures please.
    You can also take a picture of your own action figures grouped together to represent how the team looks together, if you happen to have them all in your collection.

    Anyone can submit more that once to throw out more than one team ideas, but someone else have to reply to your scenario first before you can submit another one. So you can't submit 2 posts in a row.

    To start, here's mine:


    The Leader: Optimus Prime [Transformers: Dark of The Moon]
    A wise and charismatic, powerful military leader, but an extremely brutal warrior in the battlefield. Equipped with dual energon swords, energon axe, and a jet pack trailer to fly.

    The Genius: Batman [Modern DC Comics' Books]
    The world's greatest detective. And he is Batman. The second-in-command of the team.

    The Fighter: Snake-Eyes [G.I. Joe]
    The mute ninja commando. Master of both modern military and Arashikage ninja clan disciplines.

    The Bruiser: Son Goku [Dragon Ball Z]
    A Saiyan warrior who can destroy planets with his energy.

    The Girl: Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) [Modern DC Comics' Books]
    Has the same powers as Superman, she might be a bit weaker than Superman but is still super strong and fight with less restraint.

    The Robot: Doraemon
    The futuristic cat robot from the 22nd Century. Have a collection of absurd high-tech gadgets that can manipulate time, reality, and almost anything else.

    The Animal: T-Rex [Jurassic Park]
    She might be represented as an antagonist in Jurassic Park, but she's essentially an animal, therefore can't be considered "evil". Moreover, she actually saved the heroes from the final velociraptors attack, making her the hero of the movie's climax.

    The Villain: Darth Maul [Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace]
    Dual lightsaber, dark side of the force and fast martial arts skills. Partnered together with Snake-Eyes for a silent-but-deadly, double Ray Park combo!

    The Vehicle: K.I.T.T. [Knight Rider - 1982 TV Series]
    A sentient, talking super car. Driven by Batman.



    The Leader: Sosuke Aizen [Bleach]
    An expert manipulator, genius intellect, charismatic leader, very high level fighter, spell caster and absolute hypnotist.

    The Genius: Light Yagami [Death Note]
    A manipulative, highly intelligent young man. He might start as the protagonist in Death Note, but in the end of the series he ends up as a corrupted character, therefore he's in the villain's team. Partnered together with Aizen as expert manipulators, so they can say "Just as planned!" together again and again. Second-in-command of the team.

    The Fighter: Darth Vader [Star Wars]
    Lightsaber and force chokes!

    The Bruiser: Doomsday
    Superman's murderer. An extremely strong alien monster with adaptive abilities.

    The Girl: Alien Queen [Aliens]
    A big, mean Alien bitch.

    The Robot: T-1000 [Terminator 2: Judgement Day]
    The liquid metal Terminator from the future who can change shape into anything.

    The Animal: Ravage [Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen]
    Soundwave's mean kitty cat pet. Expert in infiltration.

    The Hero: Green Ranger [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]
    Tommy Oliver, arguably the best Power Ranger ever. He might be introduced as the bad ranger in the series, but since he eventually joined the heroes, he can be the "hero" in this villain team. Let's say he's brainwashed... Again.

    The Vehicle: Dragonzord [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]
    Controlled by the Green Ranger with his flute, or personally piloted by him in its' cockpit.

    The next poster after me will say:

    Winner: Hero or Villain Team, and the reasons why.

    And then they can make their own teams, and so on. Let's play!
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    Your match goes to the hero team, I think. Less weaker links, more intelligence, a bit more power overall, and I think more chance of successfully working together.

    My teams...

    The Leader

    The Genius
    The Doctor.

    The Fighter

    The Bruiser

    The Girl
    Willow Rosenberg.

    The Robot
    Optimus Prime (Second in command).

    The Animal

    The Villain
    Doctor Doom.

    The Vehicle
    The TARDIS.

    The Partner
    Thor and The Doctor.


    The Leader

    The Genius
    The Master (Second in command).

    The Fighter

    The Bruiser

    The Girl

    The Robot

    The Animal
    Fin Fang Foom.

    The Hero
    Princess Adora.

    The Vehicle
    The Technodrome.

    The Partner
    Rhino and The Mandarin.

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    Winner: I think that KJ's hero teams wins because they have the slight advantage in terms of brain power, a much more versatile vehicle and Thor can beat the rap out of most of the villain team on his own.

    The Leader - Edward Newgate AKA Whitebeard
    The all-around awesome captain of the Whitebeard pirates.

    The Genius - L
    The brilliant but odd detective who sadly lost against Kira.

    The Fighter - Hayato Furinji
    The hilariously ridiculous super-martial artist.

    The Bruiser - Thor (Marvel Comics)
    The god of thunder.

    The Girl - Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell
    The loli-vampire witch from the Negima series.

    The Robot - Data
    The android who is trying to be human.

    The Animal - Cosmo (second in command)
    The telepatic russian space dog who hangs out with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Annihilators.

    The Villain - Coyote Starrk and Lilinette Gingerback (they're basically one being in two parts)
    The primera espada and the other part of him.

    The Vehicle - K.I.T.T.
    The car from Knight Rider.

    The Partner - Cosmo and Data.


    The Leader - Voldemort
    The greatest dark vizard ever, in his own universe.

    The Genius - Medusa Gorgon (second in command)
    The snake witch from the Soul Eater series.

    The Fighter - Vergo
    The marine vice-admiral who knows rokushiki.

    The Bruiser - Conquest
    The most battle-crazed viltrumite there ever was.

    The Girl - Glory
    The godess who just wanted to go home.

    The Robot - Nimrod
    The mutant-hunting robot from one of way too many dystopic futures for the Marvel univers.

    The Animal - Kaizer Ghidorah
    The final monster from the Godzilla: Final Wars movie.

    The Hero - Loki
    The kid version of Marvel's classic villain.

    The Vehicle - Bowser's clown-mobile/coopter-thing from Super Mario Bros.
    Because nothing screams evil like an scary clown face.

    The Partner - Loki and Medusa

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    Villains win - I think Nimrod and Conquest can take out Whitebeard, Evangeline, and Thor, which should sew things up.

    With mine, I had a bit of fun. The teams are really unbalanced, but I expect my villains to be succumbing to CIS. Can they work together long enough to deal with this group of heroes?


    The Leader: Simon Belmont (Captain N: The Game Master)
    The 'glamorous' vampire hunter from Castlevania. Has an intelligent whip.

    The Genius: Marvin the Robot (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
    Has a brain the size of a planet and even larger problems with depression.

    The Fighter: Brock Samson (Venture Bros)
    Rusty Venture's bodyguard and scourge of villains and their henchmen.

    The Bruiser: Equius (Homestuck)
    A troll with blue blood. Creates his own robots, but tends to break them due to his strength. Needs a towel.

    The Girl: Chibi-Usa (Sailor Moon)
    As Sailor Moon's daughter from the future, she is heir to the Moon Kingdom and the all-powerful Ginzuishu.

    The Robot: T-Bob (M.A.S.K.)
    The robot mascot of M.A.S.K.. Can be ridden like a scooter.

    The Animal: Snarf (Thundercats)
    The worrywart caretaker of Lion-O in Thundercats. Sort of resembles a super-deformed version of Smaug. Has a verbal tic, Snarf.

    The Villain: Starscream (Transformers)
    The would-be leader of the Decepticons who plotted to overthrow Megatron. Turns into a fighter jet.

    The Vehicle: Ghost Buggy (Flimations Ghost Busters)
    A car/plane/time machine with a talking ghost head on the front.

    The Partner: Chibi-Usa and T-Bob

    The Second-in-Command: Starscream


    The Leader: Skullmaster (Mighty Max)
    A potent evil warrior and sorceror. One of the few proactive villains out there, and also one of the few who didn't lose to the protagonists of his series.

    The Genius: Grineed (Beet the Vandel Buster)
    A crafty Vandel who conquered a continent with his ecology-destroying strategy. Has a fearsome berserker side.

    The Fighter: Chase Young (Shaolin Showdown)
    The corrupted master martial artist and occasional lizard man.

    The Bruiser: Faker (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
    Skeletor's blue robot He-Man duplicate, with all the strength that implies.

    The Girl: Demona (Gargoyles)
    The traitorous gargoyle who obtained immortality.

    The Robot: Lore (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
    Data's unstable older brother, known for his scheming. Once took over the Borg.

    The Animal: Smaug (The Hobbit)
    The cartoon version, in this case. A dragon who kicked a nation of dwarves out of their own mountainhome.

    The Hero: Dinobot (Beast Wars)
    The Predacon who joined the Maximals in Beast Wars. Died heroically holding off Megatron.

    The Vehicle: Saw Boss (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors)
    A dinosaur tank with a giant buzzsaw on a tentacle. Leader of the Monster Minds.

    The Partner: Lore and Faker

    The Second-in-Command: Chase Young

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    If Thor can handle Nimrod long enough, I think DS7's Hero team wins. I don't think any of the villain teams has what it takes to tank Cosmos telepathic mind rape, which sets up all of them to get wailed on by the heroes.

    The Leader
    Penny (Inspector Gadget)

    The Genius
    Roland Jackson (Extreme Ghostbusters)

    The Fighter
    Skeleton Man (Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose)

    The Bruiser
    Azreal (DC)

    The Girl
    Applebloom (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

    The Robot
    Clockwork Smurf (The Smurfs)

    The Animal
    Boco, the Chocobo (Final Fantasy Tactics)

    The Villain
    Eric Cartman (South Park)

    The Vehicle
    The Enterprise D (Star Trek: TNG)

    The Partner
    Penny and Applebloom


    The Leader
    Alex Wilder (Marvel)

    The Genius
    Plankton (Spongebob Squarepants)

    The Fighter
    Storm Shadow (GI Joe: Rise of Cobra)

    The Bruiser
    Bane (DC)

    The Girl
    Jesse (Pokemon)

    The Robot
    Diagnostic Drone (Beast Machines)

    The Animal
    Cujo (Cujo)

    The Hero
    Dogwelder (DC)

    The Vehicle
    The Defiant (Star Trek)

    The Partner
    Jesse and Cujo
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    Default hm

    Sharker, your hero team looks stronger to me, thanks to the Enterprise.

    -Staff Sergeant Nantz(Battle LA)
    -Tony Stark(Iron Man movies)
    -Batman(Nolan movies)
    -John Matrix(Commando)
    -Alice(Resident Evil movies)
    -Robocop(Robocop movies, especially 2)
    -Clyde(Clint Eastwood's orangatang from Any Which way but Loose)
    -Hannibal Lecter(Silence of the Lamb movies)
    -The Tumbler(Batman Begins)
    -Nantz and Matrix

    -Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom(Con Air)
    -Lex Luthor(Superman movies)
    -Ivan Drago(Rocky IV)
    -T-800(The Terminator)
    -Poison Ivy(Batman and Robin movie)
    -Cyborg Cain(Robocop 2)
    -The Anaconda(Anaconda movies)
    -Adrian Monk(Monk)
    -Luthor's Yacht(most recent Superman movie)
    -Cyrus and Ivan

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    Gonna have to go with the hero team, due to there not really being anyone on the villains who can handle Iron Man.

    The Leader
    Captain America (Marvel 616)

    The Genius
    Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

    The Fighter
    "Karate Kid" Val Armorr (Legion of Super Heroes)

    The Bruiser
    Superman (DC Comics) (Second-in-Command)

    The Girl
    Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)

    The Robot
    Robocop (Robocop)

    The Animal
    Yoshi (Super Mario)

    The Villain
    Uchiha Madara (Naruto)

    The Vehicle
    Shield Helicarrier (The Avengers)

    The Partner
    Sonic and Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)


    The Leader
    Doctor Doom (Marvel)

    The Genius
    Doctor Octopus (Marvel) (Second-in-Command)

    The Fighter
    Raoh (Fist of the North Star)

    The Bruiser
    Broly (Dragon Ball Z)

    The Girl
    Zangya (Dragon Ball Z)

    The Robot
    Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)

    The Animal
    King Sombra (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

    The Hero
    Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (DC Comics)

    The Vehicle
    Egg Carrier (Sonic the Hedgehog)

    The Partner
    Bass and Treble (Mega Man)
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    Your villian team wins this pretty hard due to Broly and Kyle.

    The Leader
    Superman NuDC

    The Genius
    The Doctor (Second in Command)

    The Fighter

    The Bruiser

    The Girl
    Post Crisis Power Girl

    The Robot

    The Animal
    Final Wars Godzilla

    The Villain
    The Weeping Angel that was the statue of Liberty. Just Because.

    The Vehicle
    The TARDIS

    The Partners
    The Doctor and Godzilla. Just because.


    The Leader
    Doctor Doom

    The Genius

    The Master (Second In Command)

    The Fighter

    Lady Shiva

    The Bruiser

    The Juggernaut

    The Girl

    Andriod 18

    The Robot


    The Animal


    The Hero

    Swamp Thing (Alan Moore era)

    The Vehicle

    The Death Star

    The Partners
    Doctor Doom and Discord.

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    Given that one side has both Doom and The Death Star I was going to suggest that to be the major win factor; however on further contemplation I think the Doctor with the Tardis and K- 9 will sort at least a few of the foes while the heavy hitters provide the distraction. It matters little that Superman of the NU is the proclaimed leader; it's a given the Doctor's plan is the one that'll wing it in the end!

    My teams:

    The Leader- Dick Grayson. The one that has shown to take charge of some of the most heavy hitters within the DCU back in the older days at the most no matter what incarnation or name he took.

    The Genius- The Wizard Simon McKay- A genius toymaker who's inventions ranged from a robotic dog that acted and could pass as a real life one to VR before it's time..or well at least our more modernized times.

    The Fighter-Domovoi Butler- bodyguard to one Artemis Fowl. Considered one of the deadliest men in that universe.

    The Bruiser- Lestat- The wolf-killer that became a vampire. While he tends to resort to taunting and feints of speech before anything else he has been noted to let his blood rage boil to a peak and use that superhuman strength and speed to unleash pain of the more physical nature.

    The Girl-Alanna of Trebond- Knight, healing mage, skilled in lockpicking and thievery.

    The Robot- Johnny 5- He's alive you know! Plus I'm sure the Wizard could modify some of his tools to be well implemented.

    The Animal- Mouse- Harry Dresden's dog of whom is a Temple Dog,a Foo Dog of which is highly durable and intelligent then most canine types.

    The Villain- Lex Luthor- The sort who'd side with this team if only in hopes they'd protect him later for now while he'd try to back stab them later.

    Vehicle- Airwolf.

    Second in command- Lestat
    Partners- Dick Grayson and Butler.


    The Leader- Agent Spender otherwise known as the Cigarette Smoking Man of X-files fame.
    The Genius- Professor Moriarty
    The Fighter- Shredder
    The Bruiser- A [URL=""]Tank/URL]- Lets face it. No doubts that Spender could get one from some secret governmental facility of sorts and a means to hold it until it's unleashed.
    The Girl- Lara Raith- A Vampire seductress from Dresden's universe who has been nothing but trouble in several of the novels.
    The Robot-Mal- Hyper intelligent computer henchman of Dr Blight of Captain Planet fame.
    The Animal- Ma-Mutt- Mumm-Ra's dog.
    The Hero- John Constantine- He's worked with worse....
    Vehicle- Karr- The evil K.I.T.T
    The second in commmand-Moriarty
    The Partners- Lara Raith and John Constantine.
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    Tough one....your heroes are a great mix of skill sets but some of your villains could cut swathes through them. Give it to the heroes though, with a mage, robot and Butler. BUTLER.


    The Leader: Avatar Kiyoshi
    The Genius: Amadeus Cho
    The Fighter: Michaelangelo
    The Bruiser: The Thing
    The Girl: Samus Aran
    The Robot: The Iron Giant
    The Animal: The Abominable Charles Christopher
    The Villain: Nabooru (LoZ: Ocarina of Time)
    The Vehicle: The A-Team Van
    Second in Command: Amadeus Cho (sure, why not)
    Partnership: Michaelangelo and the Iron Giant



    The Leader: Bane, specifically from The Dark Knight Rises
    The Genius: The Brain, minus Pinky
    The Fighter: Voldo
    The Bruiser: Ivan Drago
    The Girl: Madame Rouge
    The Robot: T-X Terminator
    The Animal: Velociraptor from Jurassic Park
    The Hero: Daredevil
    The Vehicle: The Goblin Glider/Gliders
    Second in Command: Daredevil
    Partnership: The Brain and T-2000
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    Gotta go with the hero team there. I don't see the villain team coming up with anything to hurt the Iron Giant.

    My Hero Team
    Leader: Hawkeye
    Genius: Batman
    Fighter: Ken the Eagle
    Bruiser: Superboy
    Girl: Jun the Swan
    Robot: Rattrap
    Animal: Appa
    Villain: Mystique
    Vehicle: Hawkeye’s hovercycle
    Second in Command: Batman
    Partners: Ken and Jun

    My Villain Team
    Leader: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
    Genius: Ra’s al Ghul
    Fighter: Deathstoke
    Bruiser: Mammoth
    Girl: Azula
    Robot: Tarantulas
    Animal: Nyla (the creature Appa fought in season one of Avatar)
    Hero: Deadpool
    Vehicle: Green Goblin’s glider
    Second in Command: Ra's al Ghul
    Partners: Deathstroke and Deadpool

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    Jean Luc Picard- Leader
    Nightwing- Second in Command
    Genius- Reed
    Fighter- Wolvie
    Bruiser- Superman
    Girl- Clea
    Robot- Amazo
    Animal- Krypto
    Villain- Thanos
    Vehicle- Tardis
    Partners- Picard and Thanos

    Leader- The lead shapeshifter lady fro the dominion DS9
    Genius- The Leader
    Fighter- Taskmaster
    Bruiser- Superskrull
    Girl- The Enchantress
    Robot- The Super adaptoid
    Animal- Titano
    Hero- Hal Jordan
    Vehicle- Big green powerring bubble
    2nd in command- Hal Jordan
    Partners- Hal and The Enchantress
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    Wow, we're less than a page into the thread and already all three vehicles the op specifically said could not be used have been used.

    I also wonder what Scarlet Sapien thought of my match-up. I specifically tried to come up with a coin toss match-up of heroes and villains. Did I succeed?
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    Thanos solos the hero team. As for Basara's team, the team with Superboy gets the nod.

    The Leader
    Nova Prime
    The Genius
    The Doctor
    The Fighter
    The Bruiser
    Shaman Nate Grey
    The Girl
    Big Barda
    The Robot
    The Animal
    The Villain
    The Vehicle
    The TARDIS
    The Partner
    Star-Lord and the Doctor

    Villain Team
    The Leader
    Norman Osborn
    The Genius
    Lex Luthor
    The Fighter
    Lady Shiva
    The Bruiser
    Lord Mar-Vell
    The Girl
    The Robot
    Titanium Man
    The Animal
    The Villain
    The Vehicle
    Some random ship that Lex cooks up.
    The Partner
    Norman Osborn and Cyclops.

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    Leader- Magneto
    Genius- Ultron
    Fighter- That Eternals Champion guy
    Bruiser Baron Mordo(second in command)
    The Girl- Maxima
    The Robot- The Construct
    Animal- Gorilla Grodd
    Hero - Kyle Raynor-
    Vehicle- Ship That Magneto cooks up
    Partners- Maxima and Champion

    Leader- Cap
    Genius- The Doctor
    Fighter- Arsenal
    Bruiser- Silver Surfer
    The Girl Frankie Raye
    The Robot- - Mr Data( 2nd in command)
    Animal- Cosmo The Space Dog
    The Villain- Luthor
    The vehicle - The Tardis
    Pards- The Doctor and Arsenal
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