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    Man of Steel, though IM 3, Thor 2, Kick Ass 2, Sin City 2 and Star Trek 12 are up there. Red 2, Lone Ranger and Wolverine to. Die Hard's always fun. Crap...I'm spending a lot of $ this year, aren't I. Well, Supes, IM, Thor, Trek, Kick Ass 2 and Sin City 2 are the only ones I need to see in theatres...and maybe Wolverine and Red. Crap.
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    One thing I didn't think I would be looking forward to seeing in 2013 was a Michael Bay movie, Pain & Gain changed that, that movie looks ridiculous.

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    Im not a big fan of Hollywood musicals because im a bit tired of Broadway kind like Chicago or the pop music kind starring Aguilera.

    Les Misérables is the film im most excited for, i saw Hugh Jackman singing,acting as the classic character in 60 Minutes and was really impressed. Look like an epic film,musical. Cant wait.

    I also look forward to Pacific Rim, new Star Trek but not really to any of the yearly superhero films. Thor wasnt so impressive and Iron Man 2 much weaker than first film.
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    Elysium and Pacific Rim.
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    I got Man of Steel followed by Iron Man III.

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    Man of Steel
    Iron Man 3 (IM2 was a disappointment, so I don't have my hopes up for IM3)
    A Good Day to Die Hard
    Thor 2
    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    EDIT: I forgot to include Star Trek Into Darkness, though I am not sure where it fits into my list. Maybe between IM3 and DH5.
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    Must See Films:
    Die Hard 5
    Iron Man 3
    Star Trek Into Darkness
    Pacific Rim
    Thor 2
    Hobbit 2

    Other Possibilities:
    Man of Steel & Wolverine are movies I'll probably go see, but I don't have much confidence in them based on the previous Superman & Wolverine movies.

    Kick Ass 2? Eh, I dunno. I liked the first movie, but I heard the comic book sequel goes a bit too far in places.

    Sin City 2? Perhaps. I think the first movie might have been a bit too much "lightning in a bottle" to recreate though.

    Evil Dead? Nope. I was disappointing by that trailer.

    Oz: The Great & Powerful? Maybe. The whole "Oz" world has always been interesting to me.

    Fast & Furious 6? I'll probably see it, Fast Five pleasantly surprised me.

    GI Joe 2? Sure, I guess. Rock and Bruce Willis is enough to sell me.

    Lone Ranger - Maybe, need to see more trailers.

    Riddick - I'll probably see this, I liked Pitch Black and I thought Chronicles was kinda neat. The plot sounds a little too Pitch Black-ish though.

    300: Rise of an Empire - See Sin City 2 "lightning in a bottle" logic.
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    Hobbit 2.
    Was anxiously awaiting Superman because I always liked him a lot, but every time they show a new still of the movie....I cringe. Not only at the costume's cold industrial look, but...never thought a spit curl (or its absence) could make such a difference in 'seeing and 'not seeing Superman. Glasses? Who needs glasses for a disguise? Just apply a snip of the scissors. I see the actor's face and I think..."Who is this in the weird suit that's vaguely Superman-ish?" Not doing a thing for my level of anticipation so...

    Yeah. Hobbit 2 is my most 'must see' film for 2013.
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    Evil Dead and Carrie.

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    The Last Stand
    G.I. Joe 2
    The Wolverine
    Die Hard 5
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