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  • Hardcover

    9 50.00%
  • Trade Paperback

    4 22.22%
  • Single Issues

    1 5.56%
  • Doesn't Matter

    4 22.22%
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    Big and hard and if possible but not a must, protection.
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    I prefer hardcovers for look and ease of use.

    Quote Originally Posted by batman_pwns View Post
    Single issues all the way for me. There's two main reasons why I don't like trade collections (either soft or hard cover). One is I am just too old and stubborn to change formats, and the other is that I hate gutter loss and you are always going to get gutter loss with trades.
    This is one thing singles have going for it, I like how they lay out to allow for full view of the pages, gutter lose can be an issue. I know there are nice ways to store single issues without ugly boxes stacked up.

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    Trades or singles: hardcovers are too expensive for me.
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    Hardcovers-Marvel's been kicking ass with them for years, and I tend to lend my books out to ppl, so something a little toughter is nice.

    I still buy more singles than anything else though, and some books are only avail in trade, so there's that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanboyStranger View Post
    I tend towards HCs because, in general, they will hold more issues and/or supplemental material. If the HC and TPB are collecting the same material, then I'll probably go with the tpb because it's almost always cheaper.

    I don't bag either. I put them on bookshelves. That's what I find the biggest advantage that collected editions have over individual issues-- easier to store and pull off a shelf when you want to read them.
    I agree with this. I buy singles for my regular titles and get the hardcovers for things I can't find or for special runs that I already have the singles for but get the HC as an easier way to pull off the shelf and re-read. I do these with special runs like certain Avengers arcs
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