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    Default Something I notice about the voice acting in JLU

    The heroes and villains sound like regular people. When Dr. D becomes Dr. Destiny, he voice doesn't change. Even as a powerful super villain, he sounds like a normal man. Notice villains in 80 cartoons had raspy and snakey voices to let the kiddies know they are evil.

    You never hear a villain shouting, "I'LL GET YOU WRETCHED HEROES NEXT TIME!" in a raspy voice lol.

    edit - It's kinda like Aqua Team Hunger Force where the monsters had normal speaking voices.
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    Well, that was because it was aimed at an older audience, was made in an era when that sort of thing was no longer the studio's idea of how to do an animated superhero show, and because Andrea Romano knew what she was doing. Though I'm sure if she asked, the mostly stellar voice talent could have done that old style.
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    That's just one of the many things I liked about JLU. Sounding like regular people didn't push anything over the top into the realm of cheesy. By the way, I loved Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Darkseid's voices. Just awesome!

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    The decision was to cast the show using actual actors, rather than the usual animation voice actors like Frank Welker and Peter Cullen. Hence we had guys come in from all across the board and it was treated like an old radio drama. Richard Moll, Michael Dorn, Phil LaMarr and Mark Hamill chose to make their voices distinct out of personal preference, as well as to convey who it was that they were playing. Guys like William Atherton, who played Dr. Destiny, didn't have to do that and so he just relied on his voice since he was only playing one character.

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    That started with BTAS.

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    Still the voices were distinct and great. I can't imagine anyone else doing Harley's voice.


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