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    Good evening.

    So yeah... I suck at drawing. Well, I wouldn't say suck but I'm pretty bad. But drawing is a skill and for years I've always thought there was some genetic or neural reason I couldn't draw but now I see it's like learning an instrument. Nobody picks up a guitar and nails a Hendrix solo. The same is true of drawing, while some are naturally more talented, there's those who have learned skills and those who haven't.

    Until about a week ago I hadn't but I've been reading these things called comic books (you should check them out!) for years and I've decided I'd like to be able to draw my own one day. It's not a career choice or something I'm going to be studying full time but as a hobby.

    So far I've been drawing wooden "man-equins" and tracing pictures I like using them to practice the super basics (how to hold a pencil properly, how much pressure to apply, what sort of strokes to make) but there's no structure to my learning, I'm just... drawing.

    My aim: to one day be able to draw my own 24-page comic book. There's no deadline on this and it's not something anybody other than friends or family and perhaps a couple of weirdos on the internet would read but it's something I'd feel proud of myself for creating. So where should I begin? Are there any courses or books that would be good or would it be wise for me to just keep drawing wooden men and copying out images I like the look of from artists I like?

    Thanks! :)

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    Best advice I could give you is to take a beginner's "how to draw" course, because it is invaluable to have someone help you correct as you learn. Courses are offered at the local community centers or local high schools' continuing education classes.

    Jeff Brady has an excellent list of books at his blog

    Also, start drawing from life. Draw objects around you, pens, glasses, salt shakers, rolls of tape, etc.

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    Snarkbunny (awesome name) pretty much said it all... If you can't do courses in schools just draw.

    Draw everyday or at least 6 outta 7 days, draw anything and everything, it does not hurt to draw simple shapes since everything is simple shapes

    Advice that seems to work for me is try drawing upside down also one that went around the block more then once is try drawing with opposite hand.

    Another thing I can advise is just do not draw one style practice others and just have fun :)

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    I'd recommend reading How to Draw the Marvel Way, if you haven't already, as its a great book to help your understanding on drawing comics.

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    Thanks guys, great advice.

    I've found the learning curve has been quite generous to me. Literally 2 weeks ago I was AWFUL but I'm already creating little quirky cartoon faces, I'm really loving it. I probably draw about 30 mins to an hour every day.

    I grew my guitar the other day using rules and shapes I'd learnt and it was actually pretty good. I think I'm starting to "get" it. I guess I'm not really trying enough styles and sometimes I don't have the confidence to draw quite difficult things and risk making mistakes but I'm really enjoying it which is great.

    I've had a look through How to.. The Marvel Way and it looks fantastic but I think a little too advanced for me right now. I created a fun exercise where I drew a face and then tried to draw the exact same face from different angles. I think it's best to learn the rules first rather than storming ahead.

    Seriously though guys, thanks for the advice I'll take that on board. I'm really enjoying it, it's so satisfying when you get something right and you can see it straight away, it's instantly gratifying! That said, opposite hand sounds punishing! I'm starting to notice shapes of things and realising that there is no 3D, everything is just flat shapes and lines constructed to create an illusion of 3D.

    I love this shizz.


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