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    Lightbulb Geo-Force back in March while Deathstroke takes on Terra?

    Looks like March 2013 is shaping up to be interesting with Terra's "brother" (could be Geo-Force, the original "King" brother or someone new) surfacing in the pages of Ravagers and in Deathstroke's own book he takes on the Teen Titans and Ravagers. Judas Contract redux? Wonder what Slade's thought bubbles will reveal when he see Terra for the first time in the New? ;)

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    DC is slowly but surely dropping the pretense and will integrate Young Justice into The Edge. Even Team 7 is kind of connected, since the story in the past will include Caitlin and the present day story will be about Deathstroke, which could tie in with Suicide Squad, who will be appearing in Teen Titans. I still want to see what will happen to these lines after Trinity War.


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