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    Red face Any help for a newbie?

    Hello everybody,

    I am new here, and am not totally sure if I'm posting in the correct section of these forums, so please feel free to move the thread if there is a place for it.

    I have finally decided to buckle down and do some drawing. I'm 23, but I stopped drawing around 10 years ago, so any skill that I had then is pretty much gone, therefore I want to teach myself to draw now using the technical side of things. I'm mostly interested in comic book style/character drawing, and have some ideas for comic books that I would love to develop someday, if this take off is going to be at least half successful. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with the following questions that I've got in mind?

    - Any ONE book you would suggest to read on drawing comic and/or manga style? (I don't know towards which style I will be leaning, as I'm kind of a fan of both; maybe a mixture of the two, actually, if such a thing exist)
    - Any ONE book on drawing in general, and would it be beneficial? I've just picked up "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Seems pretty good, anyone has any opinions on this book?
    - Any ONE book you would advise to read on how to structure the plot of the story for the comic book? (There are different techniques for books, and screenplays, plays, so I'm sure there's a specific way - the best way - for comic books too)
    - One more: I have a few ideas, plot-wise, for the comic book and they are constantly being developed in my mind - characters, story lines, history, style, etc; at this moment I don't really have the skill to put them down on paper, and really doubt that I will have it any time soon. How do YOU write down stories for your comic books, if you ever do? Do you just open WORD, and start typing, as if it would be your diary?

    I have so many questions, but as I am new here I don't feel like spamming this forum. I would very much appreciate a response and any additional advice on how to proceed with this burning desire to "draw a story".

    Thank you! :)

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    1.) Not sure, most of the drawing books specific to comics were a bit too low on content and heavy on price. For a book more about the thought process of drawing than the How-Tos, I'd recommend Klaus Janson's The DC Comics Guide To Pencilling Comics (note: this is useful for much more than just drawing DC-style stories)

    2.) There are too many classic books to list, but I'd start with the books of Burne Hogarth, legendary Tarzan artist and (later) art instructor.

    3.) My personal favorite is Lights Camera Fiction, which uses the story structures of several to clearly make all the necessary points.

    4.) Everyone has their own methods. I don't write my stories down, I just have a long, complex storyline for years' worth of my Ruby Nation comics in my head, and I only sketch out as far ahead as the next page before I actually do the work; that way, nothing becomes set in stone. Others might plan much more.


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