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    I've been contemplating on starting a Kickstarter for a graphic novel I have been working on. It started when I found it difficult to find media related to Sci-fi Noir. A few titles come to mind when I think of this genre (Bladerunner, Minority Report, Renaissance), but overall I find that the industry is seriously under-utilizing this setting. So I've kinda taken things into my own hands. Would anyone else be interested in something like this being put forward?

    Here's a few images to paint the general art direction of the graphic novel, I'll put up some environmental images later if anyone is interested. (Keep in mind that I'll be going solo with this project, I'll be doing the art/writing/publishing by myself)

    Also, just to keep the discussion going, does anyone else know any good media in the Sci-fi Noir category?
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    Looks awesome mate .I hope you do it .
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    Looks great.


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