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    Default Deathmatch, #1

    THE SUPERHERO BATTLE ROYALE YOU CAN'T GET FROM MARVEL OR DC! A powerful and mysterious supervillain has imprisoned the world's greatest superheroes, forcing them to fight to the death until there is but one victor. It's kill or be killed as we settle the score on all those hypothetical superhero match-ups in the ultimate DEATHMATCH.

    Written by industry legend Paul Jenkins (SENTRY, INHUMANS) and drawn by comics superstar Carlos Magno (PLANET OF THE APES, TRANSFORMERS), DEATHMATCH is a dark, psychological deconstruction of the superhero genre that can't be missed.

    Full article here.

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    I read this book last week, and it was better than i thought it would be. I say give the first issue a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmoduck View Post
    I read this book last week, and it was better than i thought it would be. I say give the first issue a chance.
    I was really ready to just pass on this. This preview has changed my mind. The story seems like it will be much deeper than I thought. I will be giving issue #1 a try for sure. That preview was a good read and the art looks very cool.
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    I have pre-ordered the issue #1, but I will pass for the next chapters.

    I would have preferred a second Elric or Valen The Outcast story. IMO.
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    I'm surprised more people did not get this book since it was only a dollar, and some stores were giving it away free.

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    I ordered it with the Variant cover , for a dollar why not. If its good I'll be on the watch of for the TB. Not to crazy on the fact its a BOOM book, they seem to be very Cthulhu driven.

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    it was mediocre at best. At a dollar i might try the second issue just to see if it does anything different from a half dozen other similar stories in comics, books or movies. At $3.99 a pop, this just didn't give me enough reason to come back for more.


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