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    I just finished reading BPRD Hell on Earth vol. 4 and I have to say, the Long Death story arc is the most fun I had reading a BPRD book in a long time. Harren's art is so damn beautiful, fits perfectly the tone of the story. I think it's a great ending to capt. Daimio and the wendigo struggle.

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    In order to prevent multiple threads on this, I suggest you post here

    , I just read this in the TPB as well so I'd be happy to converse there

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    I would of post there but that thread wasn't on the first (and only page) of this section so, yeah i made a new one.

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    That's why we have the Story Thread Locator stickied at the top of the forum.

    That said, I totally loved reading The Long Death again. It reads even better in the trade. It was certainly a good way to say goodbye to the character.

    I'm not sure if it is the final goodbye. I still suspect we'll see the wendigo again, though I doubt it'll be Daryl the wendigo. More likely it'll be Ben the wendigo (or Bendigo as some have dubbed him). We'll see. Either way, I loved the hell out of this minseries.
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    Bendigo and Abeasaurous would make an awesome team.


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