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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherokee Jack View Post
    KINGS IN DISGUISE. Kitchen Sink. Six issue series by Jim Vance and Dan Burr.

    Another gem from the B&W boom of the 80s. The main character is a 13 year old boy who takes to the rails in 1932 America. He meets and travels with an older hobo, Sam, "The King of Spain," and at one point they end up in Detroit during labor riots. I'm not doing it justice with my description, so I'll offer Alan Moore's take on the book----"One of the most moving and compelling human stories to emerge out of the graphic story medium."

    Great book. Was on my long list. Glad to see it here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Ranger View Post
    5. Black Knight
    This is a series that became legendary over time and (much to my chagrin) highly sought after for collectors due largely in part to the gorgeous artwork.

    How long was the run ?
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    So on to day eight's reassessment. Lots of books I have read and enjoyed today including...

    Marvel Universe (one of my own picks but it deserves the extra love!)
    Giant Sized Conan
    1963 (again)
    Hellboy Seed of Destruction
    V for Vendetta
    Untold LEgend of Batman (again)
    Giant Sized Defenders
    Death Dealer (hey it's Frazetta, all I need to be in)

    Those new to me included
    Captain Marvel vs. The Terrible 5

    Those now on my radar and want lists:

    Desperadoes (I am developing a new found taste for westerns after ignoring them for a long long time)
    Tales of the Zombie (again)
    Legion Lost
    Blue Beetle (I have the 2 Modern Comics reprint issues but none of the non reprinted Charlton issues, but would love to get them-those Modern Comics reprints that came ion bags of three during the 70's were my entry point into a lot of classic Charlton books and characters).

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    Rush post...

    Day 8....Punisher (1985) The War Room 1-5

    Why me likey? Cuz it's the series that started off The Punisher...although his contemporary books make 1980s Frank look like a barefoot little boy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris N View Post
    Of course. Been his favorite comic for decades.
    LOL !

    I love it !

    Salute to your dad !

    The only listing from Day Eight that I didn't have or know about is :

    Sinister House of Secret Love # 1-4 (Scott Harris)
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    Day 8: V for Vendetta

    Yet another one from Alan Moore. I remember at the time being blown away by how this one guy was coming out yet again with something that immediately felt like the best comic of its kind that you'd ever read. It was quite amazing. I was also struck by his versatility - Swamp Thing, Watchmen, Marvel/Miracleman, and V for Vendetta: still four of the best comics series ever written, all from one writer and all so diverse - even the two superhero series were quite different from one another.


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