My sister and the kids are visiting. My nephew loves Spider-Man, so I let him play the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game. I like the game well enough, despite the numerous things that are problematic.

It got me thinking. If I could make the perfect game, what would it have in it? So, I got down to building the perfect game.

To start, I love super hero games. Games like Spider-Man 2, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, X-Men: Legends 1 & 2, Marvel vs. Capcom, Batman: Arkham Asylum...all great games. So my game would have to have a superhero. Since I love the Spider-Man video games, I'm going to build the game around Spider-Man.

It's going to be open-world. Spider-Man demands an open world to explore. I'd like to stick to the visuals of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The graphics of S-M:WoS isn't the problem. Far from it, as it is one of the best things about the game.

Combat. The thing I loved about S-M:WoS is that it incorporated the aerial combat, chaining hits, web-attacks, etc. I love how Spider-Man uses his webs as a way to zip towards one of his opponents, bounce off the chest, use the webs again to pull the attacker up stomps on the head and resorts to beating the crap out of the bad guy. The combat system is kind of cool when it has that kind of innovation. I would definitely tone down the bad guy activity by about 20%, as you can only go on so many missions to break up a mech attack before it gets annoying.

I'd also add in some RPG elements where Spider-Man has to change into Peter Parker and do some Peter Parker stuff, where he can't change back to Spider-Man. Like going to a crowded area to take pictures of bad guys tearing up New York, or going on a date with Mary Jane and having conversations that shape how "effective" he is as Spider-Man. For instance, if he has a fight with MJ during his date, or only gets $50 for his photos for the Daily Bugle instead of the maximum amount of $200, he won't have the "credits" to upgrade his Spidey powers.

I'd also get some better voice acting. Maybe get all the people that did the voice-overs for the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoons.

I'd leave out the Symbiote suit look. It looked great in the game, but I'd save that for a sequel or something.

So, in conclusion:

S-M:WoS style graphics
Open world
Maintain the combat system with some minor tweaks
Incorporate some RPG elements for boosting Spidey powers
Better voice-overs