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    Quote Originally Posted by DennyK View Post
    C'mon people, it's obvious that Cumberbatch is a member of the Q Continuum. Yooookaayyyyyyyy
    I still want my Reboot Trek movie where John de Lancie shows up as Q again and is fully aware that he's in a parallel universe, and makes borderline fourth wall smarky comments about everything going on.
    Eh, Comics is a pretty cool guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Clark View Post
    I saw that scene, and I thought it was Cumberbatch who was the mysterious doctor.
    I'll admit I haven't seen it. I read about it after the trailer debuted before The Hobbit.

    If that's the case...well, there goes my theory!
    "I came to the conclusion that the optimist thought everything good except the pessimist, and the pessimist thought everything bad, except himself." -- G.K. Chesterton

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Walton View Post

    The reported scene with the mysterious doctor who says he can save the child makes me think he wants him for a guinea pig. He'll save him by making him a model of human perfection.
    I actually think the father is going to help Cumberbatch's character destroy London like we saw in the trailer.

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    wait...... what if the bad guy is.......Kirk's brother?!
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