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    Quote Originally Posted by Froggy View Post
    Evelyn Necker should be up there, and I think Carolyn Trainer is on the same level as Dr. Octopus, who has his focus in radiation IIRC?
    Would you say Evelyn Necker and Carolyn Trainer should be in the "Top Ten Smartest Women" list?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostwise View Post
    A few comments :
    - To my knowledge, Dr. Belinksi is an extraordinary surgeon but not a genius. I haven't read most of her appearances as Starlight, though, so caveat.
    She is one of the best neurosurgeons in the world (if not THE best); and her knowledge of radiation, surely makes her polymathic person?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostwise View Post
    - Alyssa is IIRC near-superhuman in terms of intelligence.
    Top 10?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostwise View Post
    - I don't think I've seen MODAM actually demonstrate heightened intelligence, but I haven't read everything.
    - OTOH I think i've read every Jackdaw/Blackbird appearance and she never demonstrated such skills, though she is handy with technology.
    Truthful, MODAM and Blackbird (and Moonstone) were due to their high-rank in Superia's Femizons; but I thought Blackbird built a lot of her armoury?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostwise View Post
    - It is unclear whether Karla Sofen is actually a MD - there have been contradictory information as noted here. I would err toward "no she ain't".
    LOVE this article about Moonstone, absolutely fascinating. But comics have referenced her being an M.D. It's fair to say she is; or has become one in her time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran_Frost View Post
    I'm trying to make a full list of the smartest women; can anyone add to this?
    A great thread to help with this, discussing Marvel female scientists:

    Athena, Goddess of Widsom
    Deadly Nightshade [Dr. Tilda Johnson] (polymathic person)
    Dr. Kavita Rao
    Dr. Moira MacTaggert
    Monica Rappaccini (polymathic person)
    Ruby Thursday [Dr. Thursday Rubinstein]
    Starlight [Dr. Tania Belinsky]
    Superia [Dr. Deidra Wentworth] (polymathic person)
    the Witch [Dr. June Covington]

    Alyssa Moy
    Dr. Evelyn Necker
    Lady Octopus [Carolyn Trainer] (polymathic person?)
    Maya Hansen
    Miss Sinister [Claudine Renko]
    Moondragon [Heather Douglas]

    Blackbird [Heather O’Gara]
    the Genegineer [Dr. Sasha Ryan]
    Dr. Jean Grey
    Kitty Pryde
    Mockingbird [Bobbi Morse]
    Moonstone [Dr. Karla Sofen, M.D.]
    Valeria Richards
    Dr. Veronica Chase
    the White Queen [Emma Frost]
    Yellowjacket [Rita deMara]

    I don’t know who these are, could you help explain them???
    Sorry, I'm quoting myself; but I want to make a thread about "Who is the smartest Marvel female" but I want as much help as I can get, before I do it (so I don't miss anyone out). Any thoughts on who should be higher or lower; to make it into the poll? Cheers in advance.
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    Sage would be in the top bracket, not the third. Highly advanced mental processing power is her primary mutant ability.
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    Alyssa Moy, Maya Hansen and Valeria are all top tier geniuses.

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    The character Xina Kwan in Spider-Man 2099 is considered to be as smart, if not smarter than Miguel O'Hara; both are child-geniuses if I remember correctly, Xina in specific excels in programming all types of machinery and A.I. and works for Stark-Fujikawa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Cross Is God View Post
    That explains why he was on a list of Black MU characters. When was it revealed Chord was his & Silhouette's father? I used to read New Warriors back when it came out, I think I stopped around issue #50. I either completely forgot about Chord being the father (I never re-read my New Warriors collection), or I didn't go that far into the series.
    IIRC, it was revealed when they told the backstory of Tai and Chord in that storyline that revealed Tai was evil.


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