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    Default REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man, #699.1

    Morbius takes center stage as he breaks out of the Raft in this issue from Joe Keatinge (with an assist from Dan Slott) and artist Valentine De Landro

    Full review here.

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    The sad thing is, this isn't even the first time during this RUN that they slapped a .1 on an ASM to try and sell another book for 20 pages.

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    Default Anyone else think Amazing Spider-man 699.1 was boring?

    I've read my share of lack luster comics and this is definitely one of them. Don't get me wrong I like Morbius but this whole issue made me ask why do I care about this? I mean yeah it gives you an origin story and an idea of what his solo series would be like but it felt like a waste of a book for me because nothing really happened in it at all aside from Morbius escaping from prison.What I was hoping for was Morbius fighting spider-man's Doc ock controlled body and honestly if what we saw here is going to be the basic style of Morbius's ongoing series I'll give a year two at the most before it gets cancelled. There's my two cents lets here yours

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    I very much doubt that you are unique

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    There seems to be two groups of thought when it came to this issue: people who enjoyed it, and people who were sorta annoyed by its existence.

    Most of this annoyance understandably comes from people who feel sorta like they got fooled into thinking this issue was important for #700. While I really enjoyed this issue, I can understand this sentiment completely. The again, from Marvel's point, I think you gotta remember that this issue was meant to reach as many people as possible.

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    It wasn't packed with action, but it gave a very good insight into Morbius and why he does what he does. At the very least, it convinced me to check out the upcoming series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViewtifulJC View Post
    The sad thing is, this isn't even the first time during this RUN that they slapped a .1 on an ASM to try and sell another book for 20 pages.
    I think they played fair.

    This issue dealt with the aftermath of events in several recent Spider-Man stories (No Turning Back, Dying Wish), and featured flashbacks to events from Amazing Spider-Man #102.

    It's a prelude to the Morbius monthly, but it didn't focus on the villains or the supporting cast of that book. Instead, it dealt with character from Amazing Spider-Man. It's a bit like the Rogue spotlights from Geoff Johns's Flash, or the one-shots about side characters from Y The Last Man.
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    Was trying to catch up on these final three issues of ASM, didn't look carefully enough, got something I couldn't care less about.

    Felt swindled by Marvel editorial...


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