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    Really loving KSD's run. I like it better than Hickman's so far.

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    This was the funnest issue I read this week!

    Is funnest a word?

    Well, it should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vic Vega View Post
    This was the funnest issue I read this week!

    Is funnest a word?

    Well, it should be.
    It is now. Thesaurus synonyms include funalicious, funtastic and amazeballs.
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    That's a lot of praise so far! Uhhh, for me this issue was only average.

    Agree with all these points made:
    -Tony's a feeling a bit ashamed that his fun little contest idea has acquired a body count
    -renumbering a book after only eight issues wouldn't have been a bit too much
    -it doesn't try to sell itself as a "big" story, but simply a good and enjoyable one. Why can't more comics be like that?
    -Also, Han has a great personality though I dislike his design. I think if he looked more interesting he would have a better chance to be a really memorable villain.
    -Didn't this proto-human idea just get done in Brian Wood's X-Men?
    -the perfect thing to give to casual fans who only know these characters from the movie.
    -Hickman's looks to be very forward thinking and big concept. This is just good, basic comics. And there is room for both. :)
    -a perfect title for anyone who wants a light - but not goofy - superhero romp starring Earth's Mightiest.

    Really turned OFF by these elements:
    -bury the bodies? Isn't there some contagion protocols to observe? Won't they just have to dig them up when their families clearly would prefer to have proper funerals at home? Wouldn't it be faster for Hulk to scoop out a grave?
    -very odd to reading Bruce's narration given his current we're-a-team status with his alter ego in own title
    -the mutated ninjas jumping out of the plane en masse looked so cool to begin but then it went downhill as the whole lobsided battle vs Cap had horrible horrible logic to it
    -Carol had better options to helping Cap faster even IF this Quinjet did not have autopilot and what makes it worse is that she couldn't even salvage the bird
    -it was unfortunately not clear what kind of Spider-woman insult/putdown Thor could finish that sentence with
    -the quick segue for Iron Man flying to a conveniently nearby Helicarrier felt
    -uh, didn't Cap do research to know what Sorokin looked like?
    -so SHIELD has a chamber that can hold the Hulk feels too convenient, if not bad precident for all the other times to follow some villain fails to find means to contain him
    -why couldn't they give Hawkeye a call to fire a long range injection 'cuz highlighting Drew's pheremone power in this sitch feels like a wanting plot device
    -Thor, the 'god', is useless here

    To balance the bad, I did LIKE:
    -Tony's coversation with Carol
    -"literally on the avengers radar"
    -ALL the villain's dialogue a lot
    -the skydive and the save
    -Iron Man does well being in charge (since for some reason other agents/heroes rated facetime)
    -that imposing final splash page

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    Two issues in and really enjoying the new team. Casseli can do no wrong in my eyes. The story is very enjoyable and anyone can jump on as of last issue and get right into the book. Looking forward to this team continuing their great start so far.
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    Well I caved and bought this issue digitally. I'm not planning on following it regularly, but I thought I'd take a peak at the goings on here.

    It wasn't bad, it was a good story. The villain had a good amount of attitude (enough to keep him from being too cliche) and the characterization and interaction between members was on point. the pacing was excellent as well. Avengers Assemble might not be the flagship book or define the status quo, but it seems to be a solid read that uses the avengers brand and stable of characters well. Its a good alternative to the high concept main title, especially if you want a more light hearted or simpler affair or can't afford the bi monthly.

    Oh and I can watch this roster all day (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Woman, Hulk, and Captain Marvel? hell yes) Just saying.

    I wonder if I should try out Dark Avengers too. I've never read Thunderbolts before and am only moderately interested in its characters, but if this book is any indication maybe its worth a shot, if only once.
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    I really think Marvel missed an opportunity not hailing this as the flagship Avengers title.

    Hickman's epic opera is going to be a good read, for sure. This book, though, is just solid entertainment for entertainment's sake.

    I feel like Marvel should be promoting the hell out of this one. I LOVE this book! :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robby Robot View Post
    We need to manufacture an argument so this thread can keep getting bumped to the top and reminding people how awesome this book is.

    How awful is Carol's hair?
    Why isn't Cap in his costume with all the seams all over it?
    Didn't this proto-human idea just get done in Brian Wood's X-Men?
    Would Banner have been fine if Spider-Woman hadn't fed him those crackers?
    Would Thor just let Spider-Woman shut him down like that? (Gonna need Thor's Feat-natics to cite examples of his arguing expertise ;)).
    It just reminds us how crazy the MU is when the descendants were ready to take over the planet too. Cap was right. He can't keep on top of all the crazy and he needs more teams. Just look at the Red Hulk. I think Cap gave General Ross cante blanc to do whatever he wants, and that's why Ross is is a free agent in TBolts, because look at all the things his agents were doing when he collected them. This is going on all over the planet all the time. It's like a rolling maul of violence that has to be perpetually quashed. You'd think the Skrulls would want to stay away from something like this. Sometimes, something like an Ultron taking over the world can be like a respite for the heroes, because it's just one thing to worry about instead of several hundred going on in one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestin View Post
    Also, Han has a great personality though I dislike his design. I think if he looked more interesting he would have a better chance to be a really memorable villain.
    I agree. His design makes him come across as a villain who is going to be totally forgotten about after this story arc.

    But other than that, this issue was great. I just got around to reading it this morning, and Kelly and Caselli did a fine job. Kelly writes a particularly good Spider-Woman. Fun stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_Alternate View Post
    Hey you. Yes, you. The person who just clicked on this thread to take a look.



    If you don't like fun, then you have my condolences.
    LOL, thanks Lady A! I'll be checking this out.

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    KSD's two issues have been pretty good. Way better than Bendis' horribawful run and also better than her snoozefest CM.
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    I have to say the only reason I bought this was for Stefano's art. Him and Oliver Coipel are marvel's heavy hitters in the art department. That said, the 2 issues are kick-ass all around. Plus I'm a cyclops lovin' avenger hatin' crazy person. So I guess that says something.
    Quote Originally Posted by lilyinblue View Post
    - It didn't look too bad, I thought.
    - He spilled coffee on it.
    - No idea.
    - Crackers have a long history of causing chaos (even if Crackers Don't Matter)
    - Don't insult a girl's mother, even if you're Thor
    By the way, I'm going to tototally nerd out on the Farscape reference. BRILLIANT! "humans are superior!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by harashkupo View Post
    By the way, I'm going to tototally nerd out on the Farscape reference. BRILLIANT! "humans are superior!"

    I was hoping someone would get the joke...

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    I used to be a huge Marvel fan during the 60's, 70's and 80's, but have read very few Marvel titles in the last twenty years or so (mostly a DC reader now). Still, I wanted to check out some of the new Marvel Now titles and see if any of them interested me. Most did not.

    This title was totally off my radar until I read a review that heaped high praise on it. I picked up #9 and absolutely LOVED it. #10 may not have been quite as good as #9, but it was still very good. I'm so happy; I've finally found a Marvel title I like. Now, as long as they don't mess with this creative team for awhile...
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