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    DC is relying on Batman too much but it is called Detecive Comics Comics so that isn't unexpected. But I don't think he's as overexposed as they say. Wolverine is on almost every single team book but Batman is only on one. I don't think they're relying on Superman too much and they don't rely on WW at all.

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    I dont think so. Woman Woman is in what 2 books? Superman is in 3. Batman is in 5.

    Every Marvel title is either Avengers, X-Men or Spider-Man.

    I really don't see an issue personally.

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    Though I am a Batman fan, I feel like DC is a bit Batman-heavy, with him featuring in five solo books/main character books. Batman has:
    *Detective Comics
    *Batman: The Dark Knight
    *Batman and Robin (has a costar)
    *Batman Incorporated

    He also stars in:
    *Justice League
    *Featured heavily in Justice League International

    On top of that, there are all the related characters books:
    *RedHood and the Outlaws
    *Teen Titans (Red Robin at least)

    Compare that to Superman, who has:
    *Action Comics
    *Man of Steel (Coming soon)

    Features in Justice League, and has the sidekick books, Superboy and Supergirl

    Wonder Woman has on Wonder Woman.

    DC is really trinity heavy, but sure is Batman heavy.
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    If anything, I think comics are too Batman, Wolverine and Spider-man heavy. Those dudes are everywhere. I'd love it if we could get half the amount of interesting appearances and takes on Wonder Woman as Batman or Wolverine.
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    I think it'd be more accurate to say that DC relies heavily on Superman, Batman and their families of characters to sell their books.

    Batman appears in five ongoing titles regularly, but his "family" of books includes another eight titles (though a couple of these titles are a bit more peripheral to Batman than others). To that number you can add two non-DCU Batman series that are digital first.

    Superman appears in two ongoing titles and will soon star in a third, and his family of books includes another two titles. To that number you can add a digital-first series and a Johnny DC title. I'd be tempted to add the LSH, too, because of their long association with Superboy/Superman.

    Both characters appear in Justice League, and their teenage counterparts appear in Teen Titans. Alternate-world family members appear in Worlds' Finest. From the non-DCU camp, you can add an anthology title with digital-first content featuring both Superman and a future Batman (Batman Beyond Unlimited), and another Johnny DC/digital-first title with about six Super- and Bat-characters (Ame-Comi Girls), in addition to other DC female characters. This replaces soon-to-be-cancelled Young Justice, BTW, which also features characters from both families. There's also the new "Injustice: Gods Among Us" that I believe will feature characters from both families.

    By my count, that gives us about 15 Batman Family titles total from DC, 6 (soon to be 7) Superman Family titles, and another 6 titles that feature characters from both families. That's a pretty hefty number, all things considered... but it's also not anything new. DC has relied heavily on the popularity of Superman and Batman for its success for over 70 years, so why would that change now?
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    DC, like Marvel, overexposes popular characters because they have concrete statistics that tell them that doing so improves sales. Artistically, this is NEVER a good practice. How could it be? You spread anything out too much and it loses potency and relevance.

    I never understood the mentality that sends fans in droves to buy anything with Batman (my favorite DC character) or any other popular character on the cover. Even when I was younger, I realized that the main title was really all I needed. It never appealed to me to buy all or even most of the spin-offs or guest-star issues if I already didn't have an interest in those titles. It's a tough pill to swallow, but this sort of thing starts and ends with the fans, not Marvel and DC who are ultimately run by businessmen.
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    Yes, there are tons of Bat titles, but, they're all slightly different, most with extended family characters, and have the quality to support them.

    Ditto for the smaller Superman and Green Lantern family titles.

    I cringe hearing The Trinity when Wonder Woman has 1 freakin title. I'd like to see that get expanded with more Amazonian characters. It's certainly a challenge when you think about it, though something along the lines of an Artemis could support an ongoing IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Desean101101 View Post
    Well Superman and Wonder Women have had trouble keeping up with Modern Trends
    *pangs for eye-roll icon*
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