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    Default When Words Collide - Dec 10, 2012

    Tim dives into Fantagraphics recent collected edition of Basil Wolverton's "Spacehawk" and declares it to be, with hyperbole appropriate to the subject matter, one of his favorite comics of all time.

    Full article here.

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    I've been a Wolverton horror fan and Spacehawk junkie since the days of the Dark Horse b/w reprints in the 90s. Folks, this is the real deal. Fantagraphics has done a great job with this reprint volume. Oversized presentation and art, saturated, bold 4-color designs, Wolverton's signature use of textures and hatching - this truly is the best reprint volume to come out this year, IMO.

    I am so happy to own this. You should, too.
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    Great article. I actually became a Wolverton fan when I first encountered his work in Marvel Masterworks: USA Comics v. 1. He did the Rockman feature for the first couple of issues, and it was so incredibly distinctive relative to the other stories that I was really impressed. His artwork was amazing -- really modern sensibilities compared to the style then -- that it really, really stands out. Been a fan ever since, so much so that for FCBD this year the only thing I wanted was the Spacehawk freebie.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this.

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    yeah. i gotta get this.

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    Those pages look awesome. Loved Wolvie ever since I first encountered his "faroutness" in MAD.

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    Dark Horse Comics did a complete reprint of Spacehawk a few years ago, but it was in b/w. So people shouldn't be totally oblivious to Spacehawk.

    And Pure Imagination has done several collections of Wolverton's stuff, like Powerhouse Pepper.

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    Dark Horse did a Spacehawk reprint series in black and white, yes. In 1992.

    More than a few years ago, I would say.

    Spacehawk is even better in color, too.
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