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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Key View Post
    I get the feeling it will turn moreso into Marvel's Icon imprint that it will give the current (exclusive) writers working for DCU an outlet to stretch their writing abilities, as opposed to give 'new' writers a chance.
    I think this is probably a much more likely scenario than DC/WB shutting it down completely. I think as long as they have a stable of at least a few strong writers who don't mind the apparently restricting contract Vertigo apparently offers now, it'll still be around for that outlet, if nothing else.

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    It will only get worse, but not because Berger's departure. Warner's executives are to blame for this. One of them forced DC to offer a shitty contract to new authors. Meanwhile, indie publishers are offering way better conditions. It's no wonder that everyone's bringing their ideas to Image, Oni Press, etc. Unless you are Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire or someone who wishes to enter DC Comics, Vertigo only offers disadvantages.

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    It will depend on the new,upcoming series in spring of 2013 and second half of 2013. If there is a few good new series, Vertigo is still doing well. There are several good series now but there needs to be a new growth, a new generation.

    Its not only doom and glooms rants but what the people in charge of Vertigo comics has planned and if they can get comics by rated creators. A new Scalped or a new American Vampire can make it feel still strong,fresh imprint.
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    The upcoming cross-overs, reboots, glitter and 1 per 20 books ordered alternate covers will improve the line drastically. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by InformationGeek View Post
    So, let's look to Ghosts and Mystery in Space. I'm suspecting something from one of those comics to be expanded out into a regular comic.
    I know it's cool to hate on Geoff Johns now (and to a lesser degree, Lemire), but I thought their contribution to the Ghosts anthology had a lot of potential; if not as an ongoing than maybe a series of minis/one-shots.


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