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    So, what was with the reference to Ultimate AIM in the last issue? Specifically, some kind of battle with War Machine and Tony Stark vs AIM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizicks View Post
    And you DON'T like Sandoval's art?!

    I agree it does slightly resemble Sandoval's style, but Buffagni's is a little less "cartoon".
    Sandoval's art is kind of a hit and miss for me. I like some of his work like when he can do holograms and character designs but when he draws hair and facial expressions it's really awkward to look at. An artist that I really want for the Ultimates is Salvador Larroca. He did the artwork for the Children and Reed Richards scene in Ultimate Fallout but he was never used as an artist again. Put him on the Ultimates with Edmondson!
    He is as good as Esad Ribic.

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    I really wish this would get an hardcover collection. :*(
    "Finally got rid of all those pesky white males that were burdening the team! Now the Ultimates are urban hipsters... what everyone demanded!" - Exciter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plawsky View Post
    I'm loving this book. It hasn't been amazing yet, but it's a good bit of fun, and Edmondson's Tony is great. I want to throw in my vote for him to take over Ultimates. Though, while I think Buffagni's killing it on this book, I don't think I'd want him on Ultimates.

    I will, however, nominate Edmondson/Buffagni as the team to launch a new Ultimate Fantastic Four!!! Sandoval would also be a great (really, an even better) pick.
    This would make me extremely happy. Tony could even fill in for Reed. Mar-Vell has to be involved as well.
    Comics are more better.


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