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    Default Sunnydale and LA vs Chicago

    Sunnydale and Los Angeles (Buffy and Angelverses)


    Chicago and surrounding areas (Dresdenverse)

    Which has the biggest and baddest Supernatural threats?

    Includes any dimensions that touches on theses two cities.
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    In the Dresdenverse, our world is essentially pressed up alongside the Never Never, which is an enormous dimension, essentially all supernatural stomping grounds exist there. And I assume that by "..and surrounding areas", you also mean Demonreach? That makes Chicago a pretty heavy hitter.

    However, in both the Dresden and Buffy universes, you can pretty much access any dimension from anywhere with the right spell, which would make this fight closer to "Buffyverse Vs Dresdeverse."

    If we're just talking Chicago and, say, the Summer Court Vs Sunnydale and LA+ the Hellmouth contents and whatever the hell is in Wolfram and Hart HQ, I still give it to Chicago and the Dresden guys. The biggest thing the buffyverse has going for it is Ilyria.
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