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  • Cyclops is not gay! *runs around like a schoolgirl sobbing*

    14 17.72%
  • They did it while Emma was doing Namor!

    50 63.29%
  • There is no cure for Phoenix Syphilis, look at Jean

    31 39.24%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valeria Kementari View Post
    This should also be in the is Iceman gay? thread. Magneto clearly chucked a bike at Bobby for being a closet case.

    I wonder what @$%# is?

    Quote Originally Posted by fod_xp View Post
    THREESOME!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! I love you♥♥♥ Best photoshop job ever.
    Thank you . Though, PS-ing probably wasn't necessary- I'm sure Bendis said that Namor might be appearing. Anyday now, we'll be seeing the hard evidence (sorry, sorry...I am so shameless) for this threesome...

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    Cyke is working his way through the X-Men. He's gotten Emma, Jean, Magneto, Frenzy and probably has the shared experienced of Namor via the Phoenix. Guess who his next target is? Teen Jean is about to lose her virginity. But not to the Scott she thought.

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    Was going to read rest of thread...But Emma's dialogue...

    I'm so dead from laughing. The 2012 apocalypse has come, and the form of the Destroyer is the White Queen speaking Bendis.

    "Gee-shucks innocent"? "Bust-out"? "FELLAS"?! #DEADAGAIN

    My Top 25 X-Men
    (most microes by Blanchett, who's awesome. Go see her stuff!)


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