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    Default Detective Comics #15 Preview/Discussion

    A "DEATH OF THE FAMILY" tie-in!
    What has The Joker done with The Penguin?
    Guest-starring Poison Ivy and Clayface!
    Plus: In the backup story, learn the secret way to make it as a super criminal in Gotham City.

    Full preview here.

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    I've loved the last two issues, and this seems like exactly the style of Batman comic I want to be reading.

    Special shoutout to Jason Fabok, who is drawing a gorgeous book. But then to point one member of the creative team out is pointless because everyone on this book is worthy of praise.
    Go Tec.
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    I'm totally ready to learn how make it as a super criminal in Gotham City!

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    I didn't mention this in the other thread, but that armoured suit totally reminds me of the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

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    Default Detective Comics #15 Discussion (Spoilers)

    Man, Layman has really picked up the slack on this title. While it's not at all light-hearted, I think this is the most "fun" of the Bat-books being put out right now. I'm glad they're able to to have Joker show up for a little bit without the entire issue being superseded by the "Death of the Family" story.

    Also, I'd never considered a Poison Ivy/Clayface relationship before, but in hindsight it seems obvious. Maybe some Bat-scholars can point out to me that it's been done before, but a woman who is basically a living plant and a man who is basically living dirt seem like a natural fit. It could have been (pardon the pun) fertile ground for some good storytelling that could have (really, I apologize) borne strong fruit. I was a little disappointed that the romance turned out to be just another of Ivy's seduction scams instead of it being played straight.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see it continue for a while. It seems like an excellent pairing and as you said I'm surprised it was never done before. It seems so obvious somehow.

    As for the Death of the Family banner, I thought the tie-in was week, and could have just as easily been done without.
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    Okay just finished 'Tec #15 and gotta I loved it! Fabok's artwork just seems to getting better and better.
    I feel like I'm looking at some modern Marshall Rogers artwork here...just beautiful. I think Fabok creates a lot of his work digitally,
    And it translates beautifully for the reader whom reads comics digitally.
    And Layman's writing... a real emphasis on Batman's detective skills here which is welcome as I think a lot of other bat books lack this.
    Again... just awesome !
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    I really enjoy what this team is doing. I understand how some can't justify the cost of following a story like this, but I really enjoy that its nothing that purports to be universe shattering." It seems to be a well-told yarn. And I'm surprised by how good the back-ups are.

    I don't see the "detective" elements, but I see it as an adventure title. Set in Gotham, of course. Very action-driven.

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    I like where Layman is going with this Ogilvy plot. He's currently the strongest character in the book. Poison Ivy was meh and I don't care about Clayface although I did laugh at how cruel Batman was when he revealed Ivy's ruse. Also I like that the crazy batsuits are coming back. In the same way that Iron Man has so many different armors Bruce should have a batsuit for every occasion.
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    Just read it. It was better than #14, and equally good to #13, if not better. I like where this is going. I wish Ogilvy had a better alias than Emperor Penguin, but that's nit-picking. I really like the focus on the villains in the back-ups.

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    I was hoping to learn how to be a villian in Gotham and I didn't learn anything! Sad face. Oh well:

    Detective Comics #15


    Clayface is on a rampage after Poison Ivy was kidnapped and Batman needs to figure out what is wrong with him. Meanwhile, Penguin leaves the scene and hands the reigns over to Ogilvy.

    Our Heroes:

    I wish Batman was just as witty in other comics like here.

    Our Villains:

    There’s nothing like a robbing banks and smashing public property during the honeymoon.

    Our Side Characters:

    So is the Joker there or is he there is a metaphorical sense?


    Oh come on. We need splat sound effect when Batman hits Clayface.


    Wait, so how much fan mail does the Joker get?


    Gotta love the panel arrangement with Batman and Joker’s face.

    Most Memorable Moment:

    Clayface knows how to rock a top hat.

    Final Page:

    Poison Ivy: *Snickers* Oh wait, you’re serious.

    Final Page for Backup:

    Ivy gonna want to run now.

    What We Should Take from This Comic:

    Ogilvy’s making his move now that the Penguin as stepped out of the picture, with Ivy as a possible ally as well. What could Emperor Penguin have up his sleeves?

    What We Do Take From This Comic:

    Aw, Clayface. I feel for ya man.

    Yay or Nay?


    Wasn't really much of a tie in to the Death of the Family storyline, but it still rocked. I'll give Layman credit for this, he officially wrote my favorite Clayface story now. Bravo man.

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    Poor Clayface

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    I don't really know Clayface that well, so was that his actual wife at the end? I've read the whole Knightfall stuff, I think she's in that? Lady Clayface? I could be totally wrong
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    Ugh...I really didn't care for this.

    Did he phone this one in, or what?

    I don't really like the current Poison Ivy design to begin with, but this was just more by the numbers style filler stuff as far as I'm concerned.

    Somebody save Detective Comics. Please.

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    the ending was surprising, interesting, and unexpected

    layman does a bang up job with the villains, let's hope he keeps away from too much bruce/damian dialogue
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