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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Bravery View Post
    No, Chris Evans makes that work. His Steve Rogers is the best actual acting performance of all the Marvel leads. He makes a character that could so easily be horrendously cheesy, awesome. And there is a lot of subtleties to his performances as Rogers. Just little facial expressions and looks with his eyes sell what the character is thinking without the need of dialogue.
    I totally agree with this. Chis Evans made a good movie a great one (Cap 1, that is).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Thompson View Post
    Very much agreed on both points. Just like I don't believe Michael Keaton gets enough credit for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman, I don't think Chris Evans is getting nearly enough credit for just how well he portrays Steve Rogers/Captain America.
    Chris Evans was the reason why I finally got off my duff and saw the Avengers. His portrayal of Cap is so darn perfect, it's a great thing. If this three hour director's cut features more Steve/Cap, great!!!
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