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    Quote Originally Posted by LooneyKoala View Post
    Are there any plans to do something exciting with Stilt-Man in Daredevil any time soon?
    He's gonna be in an upcoming issue (a new person I'm assuming given the original was killed by Punisher) with some Doc Ock style technology fighting DD and the Superior Spider-Man.

    My questions for you Mr Wacker are:

    a. Could the What If? Series return in any form in the coming months, either as a series of one-shots based off events or maybe even a limited series or two based on a specific idea?

    b. Nearly every book Marvel publishes features American-dominated Heroes and Teams, even if they sometimes feature some non-American characters. As a British Bloke I'd love to see Captain Britain and Exalibur have an ongoing again, so what do you think prevents Non-USA heroes and teams books from being released or maintained (outside Wolverine of course)?

    c. And speaking of Captain Britain, do any of you guys know where the rights to the character are in terms of a movie? I figured with the mutant connections he might be at Fox but there's a few Avenger connections in there too which made me wonder if he's with Marvel Studios or not. And I'd love England's finest warrior on the big screen or in animation, battling Morgan Le Fay or James Jaspers alone or with Excalibur or MI-13.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustellar View Post

    -Will Iron Fist have another regular book in the near future?

    This question x1,000 !!!! We need more Iron Fist. Any chance he'll be getting a series any time soon?

    Same goes for Doctor Strange. Is there any chance he will be getting a solo series at any point? I loved that Season One Strange book by Greg Pak and sure wouldn't mind seeing his take at an ongoing title.

    Also, will we be seeing or hearing anything about Ben Reilly in any of the Spidey titles in the future?

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    Really gutted that Rucka's run on the Punisher is ending, is there any opportunity for Rucka to continue at all? If not any upcoming news involving the character like a new ongoing? Thanks!

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    Are you going to bring back Condorman?
    Any thoughts on the Condorman movie reboot?

    From Moviehole:
    Exclusive : Disney considering resurrecting Condorman

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    Hi Steve, Just wanted to say just how much I enjoy the titles under your "umbrella" at Marvel. They are some of the most consistently excellent books available, not only from Marvel, but from comics in general. It's pretty clear from the quality of titles that all creators involved enjoy working with you and your team.

    I wanted to ask, what are the chances of another three-way crossover between some of your books? I really enjoyed "The Omega Effect" earlier this year, and I'd like to see something like that happen again. But maybe between some characters that don't necessarily seem to fit as well as Spidey, DD and Punisher. How about a crossover between Captain Marvel, Superior Spidey & Hawkeye, for instance? Keep up the great work!

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    What kind of relationship is there between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange?

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    Mr Wacker, I just wanted to say that the new Captain Marvel book is awesome, so please keep it up.
    Uh, I need a question... Are you planning on keeping the Captain Marvel book awesome?
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    I'm really enjoying Daredevil and was wondering. "Will Matt ever talk to Natasha, Elektra, Maya, or Dakota again? He came back to the city and we aren't sure if these characters are aware that Matt is back, nor do we know their reactions"

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    Any chance we're going to see more interaction between Captain Marvel and Spider-Man given the friendship that's built up over the last few years? And are we going to see Carol's reaction to Superior Spider-Man in a more personal sense?
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    Guess who!

    -After becoming the new Toxin have we truly seen the last of Eddie Brock or can we expect to see him again in the near future? What about some of the new Symbiote characters Zeb Wells/Clayton Crain created like Scorn or the Mercury Team?

    -Sure Bendis got his fill of Skrulls after decimating them after Secret Invasion, but don't suppose he'll be revisiting everyone's favorite alien shapeshifters in Guardians of the Galaxy?

    -Slott's dropped some big hints recently the Osborn family will be appearing in the Spidey world once again, do those plans include the return Lily Hollister mother of Stanley Osborn?

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    Hi Mr. Wacker. I'm always looking out for my next favorite book, and most of them so far have come from your office. Could you give us a complete list of the titles that currently fall under your jurisdiction? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c'thulhu View Post
    Really gutted that Rucka's run on the Punisher is ending, is there any opportunity for Rucka to continue at all? If not any upcoming news involving the character like a new ongoing? Thanks!

    Another question: What would be your dream book to edit?
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    Dear Mr. Future Editor-in-Chief,

    Remember the 'Nuff Said silent issues? Those were a lot of fun and really challenged your creative teams. Any chance of revisiting them in the NOW?

    And bring back What The--?!? or some similar humor oriented mag. You can call it "Yeah Buh Wha!?"
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    Yo Wacker! Love what's going on at Marvel!

    Q1: Love what's happening in Amazing Spider-Man. Some people might complain but I think big moves like this are awesome, no matter the results. So will we get to see the superior team up of Spider-Man, Venom, and Scarlet Spider in one event?

    Q2: I know there's a mini-series coming up, but are there any plans for Alpha to get his own ongoing book if he does well?

    Q3: How often will Carlie be present in the future?

    Q4: Who's your favorite spider hero?

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    Hey Steve,

    Over the past two decades, one can argue that Doc Ock has taken a backseat to Norman Osborn as Spider-Man's greatest villian. There's been stories over that time where it seems the creators were trying to reinvent the character(Marvel Knights) and other times where the character seemed to be the butt of the joke (the fat guy who always loses). With that said I have some questions I'd love to get your take on. When Dan originally pitched the story, was the main villian always Doc Ock or were there other villians being considered? Was Norman Osborn specifically considered? If Doc Ock was always the villian, would you say this is a Doc Ock story or a Peter Parker story? In other words, is this the story where Doc Ock wins? Where he takes back that mantle of being Spider-Man's greatest threat?

    One last question, who do you think is Spider-Man's greatest villian?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
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