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    Default Call For Questions For "Wacker-in-Charge" On Friday!

    Hey gang!

    With Axel Alonso out of the office on vacation for a few days, this week, we're inviting Marvel Senior Editor Steve Wacker by Axel-In-Charge for a special Q&A.

    So if you've got questions on anything from Amazing Spider-Man to Daredevil to Captain Marvel, post it in this thread, and Steve will dive in on Friday to get you the answers you deserve!


    - KP

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    I just love the direction Amazing Spider-Man is headed in. Keep up the excellent work!
    A question: Now that the organic webshooter period is officially back in canon (Spidey mentions having had them in #693), will we ever learn how/why Spidey lost them?

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    Yo. 'Sup, Wacker?

    Looking at the line-up of titles you edit, a lot of them are solo ongoings. Feels like in this day and age that a solo title is a risky venture. Is there a reason you promote these, or is it just coincidence?
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    Hello Wacker

    Any update on the status of the Zeb Wells and Joe Mad's Spider Man/Elektra/Wolverine project? Like what format it will take or possible release dates? Anything would be much appreciated.

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    Wacker, do you come to the CBR boards just to goof around and show the replies people make to your Marvel worker buddies and laugh about them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scouse mouse View Post
    Hello Wacker

    Any update on the status of the Zeb Wells and Joe Mad's Spider Man/Elektra/Wolverine project? Like what format it will take or possible release dates? Anything would be much appreciated.
    I will echo this question :) We got a lovely tease not too long ago, but we're clamoring for more (at least scouse and I)!

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    Hello Mr. Wacker,

    My question is about Daredevil, I was wondering if we would see the character's old rogues come back in the near future. I miss the Owl, Typhoid Mary, Bullseye and the like. I love the what Waid is doing with the book, but I still kinda miss some of the old stuff.
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    Hey Wacker!

    How do you figure out continuity with characters such as Spider-Man, Reed Richards and Iron Man appearing in multiple titles that cannot possibly take place concurrently? How can Peter Parker be Spider-Man in Avengers if he isn't in Superior Spider-Man etc.?

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    Which Marvel titles would you dream of being the editor of?

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    Mr. Wacker,

    Will there be any crossover/meetings between Captain Marvel and the new Superior Spider-man ?

    Also, given that you edit the Scarlet Spider title, what is the chances of Scarlet Spider encountering X-23 in the future ?
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    Are there any plans to do something exciting with Stilt-Man in Daredevil any time soon?
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    Hi Steve...I have five questions I hope you can answer some.

    -Will Hawkeye still be the leader of the Secret Avengers in Marvel NOW!?

    -Will Troll (that beloved character created by Jeff Parker in (the) Thunderbolts) be appearing in Marvel NOW!? I'd like to see her along side with Songbird in one of the teams, probably Fearless Defenders.

    -Will Iron Fist have another regular book in the near future?

    -Is there a project coming soon that will bring back to life The Sentry?

    -Something about Juggernaut in Marvel NOW!


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    Hello Mr. Wacker.

    You currently edit the more street level books of the Marvel Universe. However, I do know at least one book that you edit that isn't street level: "Captain Marvel".

    Does Marvel put a limit on what kind of titles you can edit, or if someone just has an idea that isn't overtly X-men or Avengers related its up for grabs?

    For example, if you edit the Cosmic part of the Marvel Universe, would Marvel allow you to edit a Western book?
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    Mr. Wacker:

    What is the complete list of books and lines you currently edit?

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    Only Amazing Spider-Man,Daredevil and Captain Marvel? because my questions were not about any of this, sorry for the inconvenience but did I not read :(
    I also asked these questions to Axel in the other thread,but if you can answer at least one I would appreciate.

    Thanks :D


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