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  • Hal

    35 26.32%
  • Guy

    21 15.79%
  • John

    16 12.03%
  • Kyle

    36 27.07%
  • I want to keep the same four forever.

    25 18.80%
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    Default Which green lantern should be killed off?

    So we currently have quite a few GL titles going on and their not all so great. I personally like Kyle the best, but New Guardians has been had to stomach. (The reasons for the sinestro corps member and red lantern to stick around seemed pathetic at best, Its hard to believe they would actually stick around and help if they were not getting more out of it.) GL Corps has got incredibly boring now that all the focus is on Guy. Red Lanterns was bad from the start. I actually have no beef with the main title.

    If one of the green Lanterns were to die (permanently) it opens up room story-wise for a new earth lantern and of course bushiness wise because they could drop a book, or if Guy or John died they simply do away with Red Lanterns to add a book (still gotta kill a human green lantern for it to work story-wise, I mean how many lanterns does earths sector need anyhow?)

    Just imagine we could have a new original lantern with more earth based stories that wasn't thought up at the very least 20 years ago? Perhaps a female? or a homeless guy given a fresh chance with the ring?

    Or something DC really hasn't done before? Perhaps someone on earth gets a blue power ring? (If so it better not be a girl, too f*cking predictably and too boring, would really only work with a guy) Or maybe a yellow ring once the sinestro corps is back? (we all know indigo would be boring, and black just couldn't work)
    Or hell we could follow saint walker as he travels space looking to help people wherever he can?

    But dear god something fresh. Guy was made far too long ago and is dated and not the kind of person many people can relate to or like. Many people enjoyed Hal being evil, one of the most original permanent moves made to such a big character in any comic book, and it cheapens that by just making a few excuses for how it wasn't his fault and bringing him back. John went from being a respectable character who happened to be an architect before, to someone whose whole focus is based around his former job (aka marine, aka lack of personal identity dude who just blindly follows orders aka boring and unlikable) Kyle while interesting, lives in the hardest to believe world of them all, the world of the New Guardians. All the characters in his story are shallow and fake and are wrote in a fashion that is unbelievable to make them advance the plot (instead of the plot advancing and the author writing the characters how he think they would react.)

    SO, if you could kill off one of the green lanterns for good, to make way for better stories, which would it be? Or should we keep the same four for the next five hundred years? Or should earth be like a green lantern magnet and eventually have like 95 GL's while the other sectors get two or three?

    P.S Biaz was not included because he is new, doesn't have his own book, isn't really a green lantern (just has a ring Sinestro made) and could be could off very soon anyway for all we know.

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    I wouldn't care if they got rid of John, but I actively dislike Kyle, so I voted for him.
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    You don't need to kill any of them off.

    Just let them develop individually, rather that forcing them into whatever best services another yearly event where Hal cements himself as the best guy ever by saving the day and Kyle helps a bit and maybe Guy and John tag along to vomit napalm or kill a planet or something.

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    Just a heads up, but there aren't 4 Earth Green Lanterns. There are FIVE.

    And I vote to kill none of them. Although out of all five, the one I would least mind being gone for an extended period is Hal. And I would not have said that at one point. But right now, to me, he's the least interesting. It's not that he's bad; it's that the others are better. At least, at the moment.

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    Although Kyle is my favorite, it makes the most business sense for DC. The rest are either more diverse or more recognizable.
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    I'm a bit surprised Kyle's getting the top vote so far. I haven't kept up with New Guardians, did I miss something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak View Post
    Although Kyle is my favorite, it makes the most business sense for DC. The rest are either more diverse or more recognizable.
    But I think that is partially true because of how they've been using him the past few years. He's disconnected from the rest of the DCU.

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    I don't want them to get rid of any of them, but they need to stop making new ones and work on developing the existing ones.

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    None of them.
    Personally, I don't really care about Guy or John but that doesn't mean I want them dead...

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    None, but I'm not necessarily against the marginalization of some of them, or at the very least keeping them in separate spheres and letting them do their thing.

    Hal should have his own thing, whatever it is, assuming he's the 'marquee player' of the group. If not him than whoever you want to be the central figure in your mythology. If I'm reading Hal's book, I don't want to read about Kyle and John and Guy...too much attention has been paid to how all of these guys interact, to the detriment of their individual stories and personal development. No more.

    I always thought the Kyle/Guy dynamic was stronger than the John/Guy dynamic, but it's also inescapable that Kyle is the more popular of the three, and if anyone is going to be able to carry a 3rd title it's going to be Kyle. So I don't know.

    I guess if I had to find a way to use them all I'd team Guy and Kyle up in some sort of Emerald Warriors thing where they are going out there and doing the buddy cop schtick in various 'dark' areas, as we saw sort of in the Corpse arc.

    John would get the better branded "GL Corps" title since he has to carry it alone and has never been a truly central figure in the GL mythology, and we'd use him, and his intellectualism, to explore the various members of the Corps as he goes from sector to sector and world to world to backup GL's, and also because he's the only one of the 4 that is actually interested in learning about other cultures and other peoples. His would be the weirder, more thoughtful book where every issue or arc was more about building a world and society than it was about the battle.
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    I personally would like to see guy killed off. We don't get enough main character deaths these days and GL has lanterns to spare. I think it'd be nice to have maybe two lanterns die (not at the same time, or hell, maybe at the same time!) We could then keep our new terrorist lantern and have one more, and still be at four.

    Now I know what your all thinking, I dont want to see (is it Baiz? something like that, dont have my comics nearby) stay permanently either. What I was thinking was the sector that includes earth could always try and maintain four lanterns (I don't count Alan, he is on earth 2 ) BUT the two newest will always eventually meet some kind of death.

    So we might have Baz for a few months, then some Asian girl also gets a power ring, and about a year from today Baz is killed and replaced, and then four months later there goes our Asian girl. Then maybe one of the new replacements could die after a single short arc just to throw us all off. sometimes they die together, sometimes years apart, sometimes the two will be close friends, sometimes not. Some lanterns may even be from other nearby planets and not earthlings.

    I just think the green lantern series is perfect for killing off lanterns every so often. If any of the new ones rise in popularity they can live longer, and if they say for example, manage to become more popular than Kyle, and stay that way for an extended time, Kyle might be the next to die (his comic is literally unreadable if you read it alongside the other GL titles, it just feels way too forced to try and make a team out of all the different colors. On that note there should really be a better factor forcing them to all work together, like perhaps the lanterns who recieve the rings that went to kyle, can no longer hold more than 20% charge unless with him, forcing them to stick by him for the most part, against the more evil lanterns wishes, until they figure out how to fix their rings?)

    These new always disposable lanterns that may last years or just a few months would share a title. If the lanters are close they can adventure up together or if not close they can take turns having arcs, with the one not currently starring in the comic making plenty of guest appearances in the other GL titles.

    I say also remove Red Lantern Corps and give us a new colored earth Lantern, maybe a bad Sinestro corps lantern that primarily sticks around earth, and is constantly getting into fights with other D.C hero's like nightwing, cancled comic stars like Ressurection Man, and so on. They could even kill one of the disposable lanterns!

    I believe my ideal would help pump some life into the somewhat stale GL family of books, and also is a great way to test out new possible permanent lanterns. We would also have a comic in which we know our hero COULD ACTUALLY F*CKING DIE, in any issue.

    Would new fans that grow up with a particular disposeable lantern get pissed when their first lantern dies? yes, and they will love comics even more because of the maturity and the fact that from then on battles feel more important and dangerous. They would also have some real hate for the villians that do the killing. When Lex Luthor kills your favorite character your gonna be a lot more interested next time you see him in a crossover event, thats for damn sure. When our human sinestro corps member kills the star of your first comic book, you might actually start picking his up.

    What do you guys think? Surely this beats the boring GL Corps and the ridiculously forced New Guardians?

    (and remember, John and Kyle are my two favorites, and I'm suggesting this)

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    John and Kyle both.

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    I don't think they NEED to kill any of them off. But since I don't like Kyle much and especially hate his mastering of the color spectrum, I voted for him.
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    I grew up with Hal as the Earth-1 GL, but Geoff Johns has totally screwed over the character and made him one I can't stand.

    (However, if Geoff Johns never writes another GL book ever again, change my vote to "I want to keep the same four forever".)
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    I'd rather none of them killed off. John just needs to get a lot more solo development, and I like Desaad's take on putting Kyle and Guy back together. Kyle's softer touch contrasts well with Guy's abrasive nature. Let Hal be the representative of the Lantern Corps on Earth. Being such a hotbed for superhuman activity that threatens to spread outwards into the rest of the sector gives him a good reason to be stationed their permanently.

    Also, are the Lanterns still following a buddy system with sector assignments? I'd like to see them give Hal an alien partner.
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