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    Thumbs up Gay Comic Book Thread

    I was just reading Suburbia #1 and there is some really interesting Gay content in there between two of the characters.

    And over at Dark Horse I was posting about the Gay Billy story in the Buffy Comic.

    So it seems like a good time to inform us if there are new gay characters or continuing gay characters in comic book story lines. The prevalence of Gay Characters in comics should increase in the future I'd say. These are just two of my finds so far... there was the widely publicized 'gay green lantern' which was perhaps the most 'mainstream'.

    So hopefully you'll put your own finds in here!

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    Fade From Blue has an ambiguously lesbian cop for a main character.
    How Loathsome is about sexual experimentation and has gay/lesbian characters.
    The Conversation is a one-shot comic about a gay man coming out to his friend.
    Hopeless Savages has a gay main character.
    Love And Rockets has a few gay and lesbian main characters.
    Strangers In Paradise has a lesbian main character and several gay supporting characters.
    Omaha: The Cat Dancer has at least one gay couple as supporting characters.
    Elfquest doesn't have strictly gay characters that I know of, but their sexual interest and activity does not seem to be gender exclusive, in other words they're probably all the equivalent of bisexual.
    And of course there's Gay Comix and any number of other undergrounds that would feature stories about either gay sex or gay slice of life drama.
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    I wanted to mention a really very wonderful graphic novel by Jon Macy... I remember it won a LAMBDA Literary Award in 2011 I believe, and I had a hard time tracking it down but finally did. It is very very erotic... but one of the best things I've seen in the Graphic Arts in some time.

    It's based on an anonymous 1893 erotic novel, "Teleny," often attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle...

    Here is the lead up on it.

    Jon Macy adapted this 240-page graphic novel from the anonymous 1893 erotic novel, "Teleny," often attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle. Camille, a wealthy young gentleman in Victorian London, falls in love with the handsome and mesmerizing pianist Teleny. While Teleny performs on stage, the two star-crossed lovers discover they share a psychic link in the form of an erotic vision. While Camille struggles to resist his homosexuality Teleny is being pursued by others. After telepathically witnessing the erotic encounters Teleny has with both sexes, Camille attempts suicide. Teleny rescues Camille physically and emotionally with his rapturous love forsaking all others. In this newfound happiness Camille tries to forget that Teleny owes much of his success to the generosity of the women who desire him.

    From Amazon

    I've included about 3 pages of it, I've hosted it on my own Admin... I don't want to get to HOT here! I hope it isn't too racy!

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    No mention of Dark Horse's Husbands?

    As for Image:
    Mind the Gap has/had a lesbian couple (they're at the start of issue 2)
    Morning Glories has a gay relationship that comes into the story towards about issue 18/19
    Watchmen/Minutemen? Well... nothing needs to be said there.
    Guy Davis & Gary Reed's Honour Among Punks has a lesbian relationship going on.
    Terry Moore's Echo has moments which hint to a previous lesbian relationship between two of the characters.
    There's - well I can't describe it much without spoiling it - a lesbian kiss in The Luna Brothers' Ultra: Seven Days.

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    Just to point out more mainstream ones theres Northstar and Kyle in Astonishing X-Men, Batwoman and Renee Montoya in the Bat-verse and Apollo and Midnighter in Stormwatch.

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    From Top Cow there's Danielle Baptiste aka Angelus with her girlfriend Finch in the Angelus comic and now in the current Artifacts run.
    Aside from the once mention I guess you could count Hack/Slash from Image, because Cassie has had sth with girls too during the series.
    And one more from Marvel would be Carolina Dean from the Runaways, whose currently dating Julia Power. Before that she first had a crush on her team leader Nico and was then with the shape/gender-shifting Skrull Xavin.

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