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    Quote Originally Posted by jediracer View Post
    Come on, if you read the first Legacy series then it should not be much of a spoiler!
    I've read the first legacy series, but I didn't know that they did get married,did they ever mention it in Legacy?alos last I read Jagged Fel was still imperial head of state and and Jaina broke off their engagement, think it was FOTJ :Vortex. so it's still spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by GabrielHardman View Post
    I'm co-writing Star Wars: Legacy with Corinna Bechko (as we have on our Planet of the Apes books) and I'm drawing the book as well. Also very excited to be doing it, I might add.


    Gabriel Hardman
    Thanks for the confirmation, and clearing up the (my) confusion!

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    As much as I love Republic, Legacy, and Dawn of the Jedi, I'm actually glad that Ostrander and Duursema aren't doing this series. They have a very specific vision of what Star Wars comics should look and feel like; very grim, lots of badass heroes/anti-heroes/villains (rough and tumble types with any combination of tattoos, tank-tops, dreadlocks, stubble), and sexy-sexy Twi'lek ladies with lightsabers. Their stories have always been very serious, which I think misses the mark in some ways. Whenever I think back to the Original Trilogy, I remember how funny they are (I mean look, nearly every single line that comes out of Han Solo's mouth in TESB is a hilarious, snappy one-liner; it's brilliant). John and Jan's Star Wars books tell great stories with great art, but for me, they have never seemed to capture the humor that was a a big part of Star Wars.

    I've always found JJM's Knights of the Old Republic to be the book that really captures the feel of the Original Trilogy the most. Even though it starts off with some really heavy stuff (Jedi Masters murdering their own Padawans), there's a clear undercurrent of humor throughout the series that comes out of Zayne's interactions with characters like Gryph and Jarael.

    I have no doubts that Bechko and Hardman will put out a great book with this new Legacy series, but I hope that they can remember to have some fun with it too. Less Cade-Skywalker-as-a-junkie-with-a-deathstick-problem and more We-have-a-pacifist-Trandoshan-on-our-crew-that-loves-to-cook, please.


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