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    Default The Potterverse VS three of its a DICKERY BATTLE!

    Oh, no! Dumbledore, Snape and Granger have read too many Precrisis Superman comics, and their brains have become infected with SUPER DICKERY! And so they hatch a plan, a prep-war, to visit the same sort of dickery upon the entire Potterverse! And the only way to stop them?

    Catch them, and make them stop!

    Unfortunately the trio have decided to make themselves as inaccessible as possible, and so everyone else is going to have to work, and work hard.

    The trio have had six month's prep.

    SO. Can the Potterverse stop Albus, Severus and Hermoine's hegemony of Dickery? Or, will they all be resigned to the calling themselves citizens of the Dickverse?
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    Dumbledore LIVED for his freindly trollings BEFORE. Give him a preternaturaldesire to be a DICK about it, and yeah, he's going to rock the Wizarding world like a Hurricane.

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    Wait I get Dumbledore and Snape being dicks already, but why is Hermoine here? Anyways,. one might say it would be a huge dick move if Dumbledore joined up with just them together plus Snape would be bad news. I guess you might call joining Voldemort more evil then dickish..but then again a lot of the things Superdick did were straight up malicious. Depriving Lois of oxygen in space, charging people for rescues, faking Clark Kents death, refusing to save a man because he bled on his new shirt, etc.
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