Okay, as promised in various places, here's a thread where you guys can ask me whatever you want regarding the Avengers / New Avengers relaunch.

I'm not sure how long we'll let this run, but it definitely will end before AVENGERS #1 is out Wednesday.

I only have a couple of requests:

1. Don't expect answers to questions that are spoiler-related. I'll just let them fly right by.
2. Let's leave the back-and-forth between posters on matters they agree and disagree with in other threads.
3. Be patient. I'm busy and I'll do as much of this as I can.
4. Don't be disrespectful of my peers. That's probably the quickest way for this to get shut down.
5. Don't expect me to take every question seriously.
6. Let's have good manners.

And with that, fire away.