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    Default The Atom : The Last Man on Earth #1

    I actually proposed this for a fan fiction site. But sadly was rejected due to the whole "continuity" and rendering their work moot. Oh well...this is inspired by Kamandi of the 1970's. Happy reading.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ******

    THE ATOM : Last Man on Earth #1

    The dust blew across the prairie of what little grass was there. The mix of the erosion and dirt mixed in the air made it hard to see at times. The sun shined bright as ever and it was still a very hot day even with this wind blowing at times. The only sound in the distance was a clopping sound of a man on a horse. Clop , clop he rode the horse . Tired it seemed as his face was wrapped to protect him from this wind and dirt. He dismounted and walked to a water hole with his horse being led by his reins.

    The horse went to try for the water as he pushed it back when he finally spoke , "No , no you gotta let me test it first. Can't be having you sick ."

    Pulling out an instrument from the saddle bags he goes over and tests the water. Seconds passed as it dinged while he looked and finally a green light shined. That the water was good for use as he undid the things around his face. A beard peeked through as he saw his reflection as he dove his face into the water and drank his full. The horse soon enjoyed some water while he sit down by the tree there to watch.

    Do you still think about me Ray ? Do you still think about the times we shared and our lives we led ? You can admit it Ray , we made a very good couple even when things weren't perfect between us.

    Her voice in his mind while he prepares to make camp by the water there. Setting up the warning system of cans and more he has prepared whenever he makes camp outside at night. Her voice still in his mind while he lights a fire there alone , his sad eyes on it to stay warm. Then he pulls out his personal diary to write in as he nears sleep.

    I don't know why I continue to write this. Maybe my mind has started to slip. Or maybe some future society will find this book and they will see how close to the brink we came. How a man seemed to feel he was the last man on Earth. Yeah maybe.

    My name is Ray Palmer....I am the Atom. Or I was the Atom. Before all this. Before the world went insane and things ended up where I am now. Let me explain again here if people don't want to go back so many pages to read. This world once had tons of heroes and villains. It was a beautiful chaotic world and I knew many of them as the Atom. Then one day , those with super powers started to get very sick.

    Was it a virus created by a villain ? I had my theories as a scientist. I worked as best I could. But many heroes started to get sicker and sicker. This virus then seemingly carried over to those who weren't meta-humans . The death toll was huge. I worked as best I could , but could find no solution or even way to slow it down. Metropolis a city with 2 and half million people ...became a grave yard. The worst thing was losing....

    Me right ? You lost me and you never could handle it.

    I lost Jean . It wasn't fair as I couldn't even save her. I have super powers as the Atom , yet I wasn't affected . I know there has to be more like me that wasn't effected.

    A sound from his can security defense makes Ray Palmer stand , putting down his diary for a second. He opens his long duster then grabs a metal handle and clicks it as the sword lights up. A flaming sword of light and electricity flows as it lights up the area. Where a deer seems to be eating grass smelling around. Palmer keeps his eyes steady watching while the deer eats slowly and then turns to look at him. 3 heads on as the middle one growls hungry. The animal charges for blood as Palmer uses the sword and all 3 heads fall quickly.

    Minutes pass as Palmer catches his breath as he calms the horse that he has tied. He stares at the twitching body of the 3 headed deer he just killed. No longer in shock as he examines it closely then takes the time to throw it past his camp site. Sitting down he goes back to work on his diary.

    The worst problem is , these horrible mutated creatures the virus seemed to effect. Some animals grew to be hideous monsters from a science fiction movie. In one city its claimed that suddenly dogs became very smart and over threw the city , putting people in camps. It was a complete upside down situation and even now ...I struggle to understand how this virus could do so much damage.

    My last theory before I closed my lab and set out for my final days was this. The virus seemingly effected the human population with the meta gene. It also effected the animals with it as well. Instead of killing animals it seemed to have other mutated effects on them. But I can't understand how it could do this. Sadly we had no real zero patient to examine their body to try and get reasons it attacked so quick. So I was unable to save anyone. Or why I am still alive.....

    ************************************************** *
    The next day

    He awoke with himself against the tree as he examined himself. No other creatures had broke through his camp site . After washing his face and some breakfast of canned beans , Palmer saddled his horse up to ride again. Heading for a small town and supplies he needed .

    Been 7 months since I saw anyone. Is this what is ahead. Am I the last one left ?

    Palmer rode into the empty town . The human skulls were seen in vehicles while he walked leading his horse. One had a sign that said they were sorry for their sins . Palmer bit his lip and shook his head. Still not used to the horrors he saw in each empty town or city he passed through. Pushing himself into a shopping center he saw it was security locked down. Likely the last act of someone believing looters would come upon the store maybe.

    Security rubber glass. Won't break like normal glass would. Have to get more harder with this.

    After tying his horse to a pole in front , Palmer walked over and threw a decomposed body out of a car. He cracked the motor as it took a few seconds and it cranked up. With a quick slamming the car down in gear , Palmer slammed it into the rubber glass doors as the car crashed inside the store as the alarm sounded.

    Damn alarm . Oh well I'm inside the store.

    He picked a buggy and went around looking for canned goods . Deciding what he knew could be good so many months after this disaster . The store empty except for the loud alarm going off. But while he looked in aisles he never expected to see a shadow form behind him as his old reflexes came in as he turned quick and managed to get the shotgun blast to not hit him.

    "What the hell ?" he asked stunned to see a girl holding a rifle.

    "Ok you got lucky that time Mr. Don't make me shoot you ! I found this place 1st." she said clicking the gun back.

    "H-Hold it . I don't want your place. I just rode in...and your human...not effected ?" Palmer asked examining her face.

    "Yeah its like you never saw anyone before. There is more of us I am sure." the young girl said holding the gun steady on him.

    "Its been...awhile since I saw anyone . You don't have to worry...I mean you no harm. I never expected to see anyone here." he answered .

    "Well I'm gonna have to move now. Becaus-" she started as vehicles pulled up outside.

    Palmer stared as the vehicles pulled up watching as the canines all got out. Driving cars , if someone told him he'd ever see this in his lifetime he would have laughed years ago. Now however this world has that. They climbed out carrying weapons.

    "You know why were here. Gotta round up what humans are left to be dissected ! So no one hurt them too bad." the leader said.

    "A Dog Squad. Great mister , you attracted a Dog Squad." the girl said turning to talk to Palmer. Who had left.

    The girl seeing she needs to escape runs for it. Of course one sees her and charges after her in pursuit . The girl scared fires her gun , killing one of them with a shot. The others fire at her , clipping her in the leg as she screams in pain. Palmer meanwhile has walked out the back and is leaving while he hears the screams . His mind racing while he walks.

    I can't save her. I'm not that anymore.

    Like you couldn't save me Ray ? You still blame yourself for that ?

    Ray Palmer sees Jean's face in his mind. Her eyes on him giving him a sad look. Begging him in a sense to do what he always knew what he had to do.

    2nd part coming (please hold off on comments til 2nd part is finished)
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    Palmer stood there as his mind raced. Walking slowly back to the store. Stopping as he debated what he planned to do after so long.

    Ray , you know in your heart you never could let anyone be hurt . Your still a hero .

    Palmer slowly walked in undoing his duster slowly striding to where the Dog Squad was at. Examining the scene as the girl struggled to be loaded into the cage outside the vehicle. The dogs stopping to see this man standing there as he picked up the gun.

    "You there , come with us and we won't hurt you too ba-" the one started as Palmer fired the gun , killing it quickly.

    The others charged forward as the leader yelled , "Get him you fools. Its just one man ."

    As they raced forward Palmer shrunk down and disappeared. The dogs all stood confused at what they just saw while Palmer raced under the car and next to the girl by the cage.

    "Shhh gonna shrink you down." Palmer said which she had no answer stunned. With a quick move he helped her get shrunk down while the leader turned and saw the young girl was gone.

    They watched the scene from tall grass as Palmer covered the girls mouth to not alarm the Dog Squad what they were doing. He released his hold slowly while she stared stunned at what they had just done . The fact they were now standing in grass which was taller than them .

    "Where the hell did they go ? Its not like they could disappear. We need to smell for them ...find a scent." the leader yelled.

    Uh oh gotta find a place to hide.

    Palmer grabbed the girl and ran for a tree he saw close while the dogs noses was coming close. Getting into the tree as they hid. The dogs noses came around the tree. Him keeping quiet as he watched this scene unfold.

    "I got a scent but it must be where they walked into the place." one muttered.

    "Great , Gaspo will be all over us. We let some humans escape in thin air. And we lost 2 of our own here." the leader growled.

    "Well we can claim some rebels attacked us and killed the two. We don't have to tell anyone what happened here. Least of all 2 humans who disappeared so quick." the other replied.

    "Fine then. I still have no idea how this happened. Not a word of this when we get back. Or it will be our heads." the leader commanded to them.

    Palmer watched the Dog Squad load into their vehicles and drive off. He waited til they were completely out of sight and gone awhile before slowly walking out of the tree trunk with the girl. Upping them in size as she still was speechless at this as Palmer stood there. He grabbed his stomach and keeled over and vomited hard . Going into the store to a water fountain to wash his face.

    "W-What the fuck was that ?" the young girl said finally when he walked out.

    Palmer didn't answer at first. Instead bending down to examine the dead dogs bodies that him and the girl had shot. Checking the clothing they were wearing and physical changes that the mutated animals had been through. Pulling out his diary to write.

    These dogs have been mutated by the virus. Its a 2nd generation dog clearly after the virus. Enhanced brain activity more than the 1st generation encountered . Also has better use of walking on 2 legs. Able to carry fire arms better .

    "Look Mr. Creepy guy , what are you doing ? Who are you ?" She asked in a demanding tone.

    "Hold on , come here ." Palmer said.

    The girl reluctantly walked forward wondering what the strange bearded man was doing with the dead animal , "Ok what ?"

    "Look at his paws. Its almost like human type control forming. His paws are separating into distinct joints to grip things." he answered.

    "You get this from a dead mutated animal ? What are you a scientist or veterinarian ?" she asked.

    "Former scientist. Help me remove its shoes." Palmer answered.

    "Whoa , whoa wait a minute. I don't want to remove a dead animals shoes. This is crazy , what do you wanna learn here ?" the girl asked.

    "I did save your life didn't I ? Now come on , I need to see this." Palmer commanded.

    The girl reluctantly came over and helped Palmer ease the shoes off as he stared . Then picked up the bottom paws and saw the same joint growth and more.

    "Ok , Mr. Scientist ...what have you learned so far ?" she asked .

    Palmer bit his lip and shook his head , "That this virus isn't ending with the original form. Its continuing even after a new generation. This dog isn't 8 to 9 months old. Yet has more growth than I saw than the original dogs that was mutated. I fear what is happening to result in this." he answered.

    With that he stood and slowly walked to where his horse had been. To his sadness the horse must have gotten freed as he shook his head. Looking around for it a few seconds. The girl followed behind him as he grabbed what was lying on the ground that had been thrown off as his gear.

    "Hold on , I'm coming with you." is all she said following as Ray walked on.

    The end for now.

    Next Issue Box -

    The Atom : The Last Man on Earth #2 - Ray Palmer reveals more about the virus. Who is the young lady that is with him ? Where do they go from here ?
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