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    Default Has anyone read James Lovegrove's Pantheon Series

    Has anyone Read James Lovegrove's Pantheon Series?

    THE AGE OF RA (2009)
    THE AGE OF ZEUS (2010)
    THE AGE OF ODIN (2011)
    THE AGE OF AZTEC (2012/13) (Not Sure if Released yet)

    Are they any good?, the plots seem fasinatingly similar to how Marvel Comics has merged the Pantheons of many religions and Mythologys in to one universe.

    Please Avoid Spoilers

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    I didn't know about the fourth one, but I did read the first three. Aside from the concept of a pantheon turning out to be real and interacting with modern-day Earth, there is no connection between the first three books. They make no reference to each other, and have incompatible continuities.

    The Age of Ra: In this reality, the Egyptian gods finally killed all the other pantheons a while back, then conquered Earth sometime around 1900. I suspect that I might have enjoyed this one either more or less if I had seen Lawrence of Arabia. Just have that feeling. It's okay overall, with a dual-track plot dealing with family drama between two British brothers involved with a resistance that is fighting back against the egyptian pantheon, while said pantheon is also experiencing its own family drama. The pantheon stuff was somewhat entertaining, but the human brothers didn't greatly interest me. I scoff at the idea of the Egyptian gods ever beating the Norse gods, because nearly every Norse god seemed to be a god of war plus something else. This was my least favorite of the series.

    The Age of Zeus: In this reality, the Greek gods seem to have just recently come back to Earth and cow most human nations into submission with devastating attacks and unnatural disasters. A super-rich human recruits mercenaries to don high-tech battle armor and fight back. This book is really fun and much better than the other two. There is some actual character development, some surprises and some great plot twists.

    The Age of Odin: Ragnorak is coming, and the Norse gods recruit a small army of well-armed mercenaries to help fight the giants and other mythical menaces in a rural location in the UK. That didn't make much sense, but the plot is okay, with lots of action and some surprises.

    These books were entertaining enough that I would definitely give The Age of Aztec a try, despite the unfortunate title. Hopefully it will be as good as The Age of Zeus.
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