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    As an adult: Skyrim- Hadn't ever been addicted to one game like that before. What's even more sad is that one playthrough gave me more hours in that single game than multiple playthroughs in other games

    As a teen: Super smash bros brawl- Having online matches with friends was enjoyable

    As a kid: Goldeneye- sleepover multiplayer

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    Kotor 1, i actually figured out that i was Revan without looking it up before the revelation.

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    Well, I have many awesome gaming experiences.

    One is whilst playing EVE online. It's just amazing how you can get immersed in such a complex universe such as EVE online. I've never seen any game as big and complex as this... forget that - I've rarely seen a game that didn't derive from the usual WoW formula (which is beginning to become rather stale).

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    Probably my journey through the glorious world of Red Dead Redemption
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    I'll try to go w/ specifics...

    Red XIII learning of his father's true fate in FF7 (also, pretty much the entire game)
    meeting Irvine, then ultimately seeing his cowardice in FF8 (also, pretty much the entire game)
    playing w/ my dad X-Men 2: Clone Wars
    first seeing Mario 64
    Paris mission in Deus Ex (also, pretty much the entire game)
    walking out of a cave (if memory serves me right) and seeing jets fly by in Half-Life (also, pretty much the entire game)
    rampaging in GTA3
    dueling in Diablo II:LoD
    seeing my first colossus in Shadow of the Colossus
    boobie cutscene in God of War
    leveling up in vanilla WoW
    leveling up in WoW:BC (specifically on my Rogue, getting jumped by a server legend Rogue, then switching the stunlock on him and killing him)
    various raid bosses in WoW:BC
    leveling up in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
    first decision to kill or save a Little Sister in BioShock
    playing as Jack in Red Dead Redemption
    seeing Madison naked in Heavy Rain (also, pretty much the entire game)
    constantly dying in Donkey Kong Country Returns (also, pretty much the entire game)
    deciding who to sacrifice in the Suicide Mission of Mass Effect 2
    last moral dilemma of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    saving Zulf in Bastion
    last puzzle to ending in LIMBO
    personally philosophizing about the Skyrim Civil War in Skyrim (also, pretty much the entire game)
    figuring out the meaning of Braid (also, pretty much the entire game)
    dying w/ another player at the end of the snowy mountain level the first time I played Journey (also, pretty much the entire game)


    sidenote - the FF7, Bastion, and Journey moments made me choke up! That's a special gaming experience!
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    The first time I shot a grenade out of the air in Call of Duty was pretty funny, mostly because me and my friend didn't know that was a thing you could do, and weren't really sure what had happened at first. To bad you don't get a kill for doing something so cool.

    Playing Hitman: Blood Money with a friend what being really stoned, running around the Opera killing everyone with a hammer while making all kinds of jokes about it.


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