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    Default Snyder Explains American Vamp Hiatus

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    Well it's understandable. Honestly though, this works for me quite a bit. I've been following this series in the trades, so when the comic comes back, I'll be all caught up. I'll be able to start following the title monthy instead. Yay!

    Also, no mention of working on Swamp Thing. Yep, he is so leaving that comic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Animal Man View Post
    Thank you for the link.

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    American Vampire is still Snyder's best piece of comic writing and Black List has been huge fun. And even though am sad to see it go away for a little while, I really excited to see Wake.
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    Yeah, he's totally dropping Swamp Thing.

    I'm quite looking forward to The Wake though, sounds pretty interesting.

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    Before reading that Interview, I had been of the mindset that I rather he drop Batman than go on Hiatus with American Vampire. This week was pound for pound the strongest week of comics all year and American Vampire #33 played a huge role in that.

    That being said, I respect the fact that Rafael wants to not only get ahead on the series, but do work on his own ideas. I know I'll be anticpating Mondo Urbano and giving it a try. Same thing for Wake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Etoma View Post
    American Vampire is still Snyder's best piece of comic writing and Black List has been huge fun. And even though am sad to see it go away for a little while, I'm really excited to see Wake.
    The premise of American Vampire plays directly to Snyder's strengths. He hints at sprawling generational plots in Batman and Swamp Thing but seems to have far more fun hopskotching through history with his immortal characters. And it's no surprise that a writer who tells horror stories in superhero books would be at home with vampires.

    Meanwhile, it's interesting that American Vampire and Fatale have both spent the past few months doing versions of Hollywood Noir with an immortal heroine guilt-ridden about the fragile mortal men in her life. Black List is a satisfying conclusion to a number of long-running subplots, but it didn't feel as exciting as the issues that broaden the mythology and introduce new characters. The arc in Fatale lacks the cathartic throw-downs, but I thought that it had more vivid characterization and period atmosphere.

    It should be interesting, to say the least, when American Vampire arrives in the 60s.


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