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    Default Star Wars comics

    So I'm back on a Star Wars binge - every so often I'll get that craving and just need to watch all the Star Wars films.

    I'm a big fan but have only seen one or two of the older Marvel Star Wars issues - never really read it but was always interested. I'e decided within the next year I'm going to try tracking down the Star Wars Omnibus series, getting the 'Complete Saga' for Christmas, but I wanted to ask something first.

    One of the best things about the Star Wars movies is the ATMOSPHERE, the FEEL of the universe Lucas created. even if the prequels weren't as good as the originals, there was still that "feel" that this was the Star Wars universe, more-or-less. Now I've read other Film/TV-to-comic spin-off's and most of them are really hit-or-miss.

    My main concern is that these won't 'feel' like Star Wars stories but instead just stories feeding off the Star Wars name and mythology. I guess my main question is - do the comics in these Omnibus's feel like Star Wars? Will they quench my Star Wars-in-comics thirst or will I be left feeling like I just read a normal, run-of-the-mill sci-fi story dressed up as Star Wars? Also, which omnibus volumes are essential to someone like me?

    Thanks to any who help, inb4 those members who will likely antagonize an argument.
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    I know nothing of the omnibuses, but I know Brian Woods about to start a Star Wars comic...
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    Of the Marvel series, the best issues IMO that 'felt' like Star Wars were the David Michelinie/Walt Simonson issues...
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    Id actually go with Star Wars Legacy. Its set 135-140 years after episode 6 or something like that. I probably have the years a tad wrong but you get the gist. I thought I would hate it but it ended up being the comic series that got me into comics. I remember being in high school and going to get this one comic every month and how the shop owner would keep it for me. Those were the times.

    And theyre all in TPB now so its easy to collect and looks great.

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    I'm a huge fan of the films and have enjoyed the comics and novels as well. Some are better than others but those old Marvel books still hold up, IMHO. Early on there was some wackiness with the adventures as it seemed Marvel didn't know what to do with or were restricted on certain characters but by issue 15 it hits the ground running. One of my favorite series, period. DHC has expanded the properly greatly from the old old old times and the birth of the Jedi and Knights of the Old Republic to sequels to the films (Dark Empire) to far (100 yrs) future with Legacy (which comes back next year. There's also a new SW comic simply called Star Wars which takes place immediately after A New Hope and continues the story from there.

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