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    Default Fairly Odd Potters

    Fairy God Parents in the show "Fairly Odd Parents" go to miserable children.

    What if instead of Timmy Tunner, Cosmo and Wanda became the Fairy God Parents of on Harry Potter? How does having Fairy God Parents change Harry's life?

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    "I wish Voldemort was a beta fish."

    "I wish the Dursley's were beta fish swimming in the same bowl that Fish!Voldemort was in."

    "I wish my vision didn't stink so much."

    Harry: "Well, most of my problems are solved".

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    If it's anything like the show, he either can't wish for that because it would hurt them, or he learns some valuable life lession that makes him undo the wish at the end of the episode.

    Are we assuming Fairly OddParents INSTEAD of going to Hogwarts or in addition to?? Because boarding school CAN'T be an easy place to keep Cosmo a secret.


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