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    Default Did Wacker just reveal the identity of SSM?

    From a newarama interview: Wacker: It’s been hard to describe the book, but getting people excited hasn’t been a problem. Marvel’s PR guys Arune Singh and James Viscardi have sharpened our message to a fine point, and Dan’s a natural promoter without being as huckster-y as me. He’s also, I think, built up a good amount of credibility with fans and retailers over the years. So excitement was never a concern... living up to it is the challenge!
    And to answer your other question: It would be very presumptuous to assume ASM #698 gave you a final answer to anything.

    Hey before I go... Anyone know anything about “Cardiac”? "

    Could it be? Is Cardiac the new spider-man?

    Just kidding. Wacker is just playing with us, but great interview. I'm surprised to hear how long Dan has had the idea for Dying Wish in his wheelhouse. 700 can't come out soon enough.

    Also, Stegman's interiors from SSM#2 reminds me of Capullo from Batman. This is a very good thing!
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