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    Default Shelf Life - Nov 29, 2012

    Ron returns with more memories from his time at the ill-fated CrossGen Comics including the origins of titles, the mysterious office ghost and a prank played on artist Claudio Castellini.

    Full article here.

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    Ron, now that Marvel has done a few new Crossgen stories, would you ever consider writing a new Sojourn ongoing? I loved that series (still have all the trades and read 'em pretty frequently) and given the popularity of Game Of Thrones and the new Hobbit movie I have to think it would do pretty well.

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    I was actually surprised Marvel did not try to do Sojourn when they were trying out the Crossgen imprint books. IIRC it was the best selling book of Crossgen and in a genre that still has a place in the comic market. Not to mention it was not as tied to the greater Crossgen universe so it would not be that difficult to change the couple of things that were and keep most everything else intact story wise.

    That said, as someone who was a fan of Mystic since the beginning I am so glad you changed the premise of the book. It was the fact that Giselle wanted nothing to do with magic but was going to have to become the supreme magic user to save her world that hooked me in. I feel rather grateful that being one of the first books launched it got an ending of sorts before everything went bust, unlike my other favorite book, Way of the Rat.
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    Thanks for sharing this, Ron. I am glad you can look back fondly on your time at Crossgen; as a reader, I certainly look back on Crossgen favorably, and was sad to see it go.

    And hey, it's where I first became a Ron Marz fan, so there's that!

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    one of the better short-run publishers over the years, and they understood comics on the web from the get-go - people forget that about CrossGen. if they just hadn't overshipped those anthology books to the bookstores - that was a masterstroke too - Crossgen was the publisher who really showed the rest of the comics field how to republish the same material in multiple ways for different audiences. Those anthologies were my favorites.


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