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    Default Superman vs. Hulk

    Hi guys,
    My buddies and I got a webcomic called versus comics started. It's basically short episodes where various comic book and movie characters fight each other. The first episode that we got out is Superman vs. Hulk. (I know its a played out theme but it is still fun to draw..) Bits and pieces of this first episode is out. Here is some artwork used for this episode:
    The cover of episode 1: Superman vs Hulk


    A quick sketch of Hulk's face:

    You can check out more art and the actual episode at:

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    Nice stuff! The only critique I would offer artwise is that Superman's forearm in the first piece caught my eye as awkward, like his fist had over rotated.
    Really cool concept guys, I personally always wanted to rewrite the Wolvie vs Lobo battle.


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