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    Default CHEW ON THIS: A Wedding Turns To Funeral

    This week, readers of John Layman and Rob Guillory's "Chew" discover a shocking turn in the series' midway point issue #30, as Layman explains to CBR what the gruesome issue means for the book's future.

    Full article here.

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    really? the Spoiler is in the title of the article. you no on the front page of CBR, geez PLease fix. I am not reading the Article!!!!
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    This issue was rough. Bleeding Cool already warned me that it was going to be a shocking issue but nothing prepared me for that. Can't wait for the TV show to move ahead.
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    Such an amazing issue. If I saw this post before I read it I would have been inconsolable. This thread should be deleted

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    Wow it really was shocking also Caesar and Toni go way back hilariously.
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    No point in spoiler warnings if the title itself is the spoiler, is there?

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    I think since the cover of #31 has been out for some time which clearly shows a gravesite they probably didn't think letting people know there was going to be a funeral was any type of spoiler. In fact, if you read #29 it was pretty clear someone was gonna die. Now the matter of WHO actually dies was quite a shock to me, and I didn't see them spoil that. So I wouldn't say it's such a clear violation of the "spoiler law". The solicit for #31 even states "The second half of CHEW starts here. With a funeral". So while I totally see if you had avoided all of that you might consider this title a spoiler, it's been pretty hard to avoid the fact that somebody's death was imminent if you're a regular follower of this title.

    The crazy thing is, spoilers:
    isn't that Toni looking down into the gravesite in the cover for #31? Not putting the image here but it's easily googleable. I thought FOR SURE it was gonna be Paneer that bought the farm.
    end of spoilers
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