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    Default DMZ vs The Massive

    As of late, I have become a Brian Wood fan. After reading Northlanders and his work on Ultimate X-Men I got intrigued to read more of his books. Brian Wood seems to have an affinity for adding contemporary social and political issues into his stories, which has me inquiring what work of his to read next. This is what brings me to this next conundrum - which series of his should I read next?

    In one corner we have DMZ. Which really brought Wood into the limelight and has the luxury of being able to be judged in hindsight and as a whole. But like anything rooted in the culture of it's time, does it hold up in a post-Bush/Iraq world?

    On the otherhand we have The Massive, which still in it's baby-phases. Does it have the potential? is it worth investing in?

    So what is everyone's opinions?
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    I find both of them to be better than both Northlanders (which I did like) and Ultimate X-Men (which I only picked up because Brian was writing it and dropped fairly quickly). If I had to choose just one, I'd go with DMZ, which had a somewhat weak initial arc but found itself with its excellent fourth issue. I feel that The Massive is still finding itself, but it's definitely an interesting book.


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