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    Could the DCU be one of the worlds that the adversary took over in Fables?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLGBARTELL View Post
    Could the DCU be one of the worlds that the adversary took over in Fables?
    No, Fables is a creator owned book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dupont2005 View Post
    So the Vertigo continuity carries over to the DCU when the characters appear there. Does it work the other way around? In the Vertigo titles is there ever any mention of Metropolis, Gotham, or interactions with caped super heroes? Would Superman or the Justice League ever be brought up in the Vertigo titles? I think Vertigo is more than simply adult versions of DCU characters. There is a reason Killing Joke isn't a Vertigo comic.
    Well Superman and Batman, as well as Martian Manhunter, Scott Free are all in Sandman. The Fury's daughter is one of the main character. So yes, they were never seperate, except editorially.
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