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    Default Bendis Appreciation

    Lets keep it positive. The man is doing some great work right now. His X stuff is off to a promising start. The Ultron event sounds cool. USM is always great and he's always on time. Noticed a bit of a lull in quality for a while but he seems to be coming back strong. I still think hes one of the best!
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    I made a thread list this one, was full of negatives, lets hope for better now.
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    Wasn't there one already on the Avengers board?
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    I'll contribute. I'm glad that Marvel promoted Bendis. His contribution to Marvel includes:

    Extended Daredevil run
    Extended Ultimate Spider-Man Run
    Extended Avengers run

    There are three major titles right there where he did some glorious work. He always brought great artists along with him. Thanks to him, the X-Men (which I'm hoping will result in a long run) will have a great artists like Stuart Immonen. The X-books have not had an artist of that calibre since John Cassaday.

    Along with his major publisher works, there's been great stuff like Powers. I have not sampled Alias, but I hear it's one of his better works.

    He brought a lot to Spider-Man and Daredevil, but he really upped his game with Avengers. He disassembled the Avengers and built them back up. As a person who had very little interest in reading the Avengers prior to, his insertion into the Avengers title was very refreshing.

    He launched New Avengers with some classic characters, but included a lot of fresh faces like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, the Sentry, and Spider-Woman. That's a great cast of characters. On top of his desires to raise the profile of the Avengers was his insistence on raising the profiles of other characters created by his peers. Thanks to Bendis, guys like the Sentry and Ares really got a chance to shine.

    I really do hope that Bendis can bring his game of shaking things up to the X-Men comics. I haven't read an X-Men comic consistently for a long time, so I look forward to reading All-New X-Men when they are collected.
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    Well lets see, Bendiss Ultimate Spiderman has always been amazing and his Daredevil run kicked ass, his events really haven't been great... Secret invasion.... And his Avengers books have been alright at best,

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    His DD run is one of the best things I've ever read. I haven't read much of Ultimate Spider-Man, but I liked the little bit I did read.

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    Powers is amazing.
    His Daredevil was ace.
    I do think he stayed on Avengers too long though. I think he should have left after Siege, it was a natural end point, and I don't think the rest of his run said anything new.
    Also enjoyed everything I've read of Ultimate Spidey, but I only pick up odd trades.

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    I'm a huge fan of his and his contributions to comic books.

    This thread is going to be full of trolls soon though.

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    I think there are about 2 or 3 of these threads on the boards though.

    I'm pretty sure the mod will merge it soon.

    That being said, I've been very vocal in my defense of Bendis and the random criticism thrown at his Avengers work.

    Marvel putting Bendis on the Avengers was a master stroke because a lot of people (myself being one) would never had read Avengers again after Busiek left. At least not consistently anyway.
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