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    Default Best and Worst Comic Pregnancies?

    Since I recently went down this road in my own comic, I'm trying to avoid the problems that generally come up with pregnancies in serial fiction, particularly superhero comics. Certainly adding a child to the characters' lives can be material for shark-jumping, so I'm asking if the following conceptions worked or not, and why...

    --Franklin Richards? (Sue Storm and Reed Richards, Fantastic Four in the 1960's)

    --Valeria Richards? (Same couple and magazine, but in 2001)

    --Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani'Son Summers? (Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers, X-Men in the mid-80's)

    --Mayday Parker? (Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker, mid-1990s Spider-Man

    --Thomas and Billy Williams? (Wanda Maxmimoff and the Vision, Vision and Scarlet Witch maxi-series circa 1985)

    --Lian Harper? (Chesire and Roy Harper, the Teen Titans in an era I don't remember)

    --Jai and Iris West? (Linda Park and Wally West, mid-2000s Flash)

    --Danielle Cage? (Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, New Avengers)

    --any others?

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    Worst pregnancy: Valerie Richards and Mayday Parker
    A N I M E

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    Power Girl and Ms. Marvel come to mind...
    Pull List; seems to be too long to fit in my sig...


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