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    Default Conversing On Comics With Ben Abernathy

    ROBOT 6's Chris Arrant talks with veteran editor Ben Abernathy about his work at digital publisher Madefire, on pushing the boundaries of comics and what led to the demise of the once red-hot WildStorm imprint.

    Full article here.

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    The first was the reboot of the WildStorm Universe with the “WorldStorm” event. We worked with some spectacular talent and had some amazing new projects come from the event, like Welcome to Tranquility and StormWatch: PHD, to name a pair, but our failure in delivering the flagship titles of WildCats and Authority ultimately had negative consequences. I really think that was the “final straw” for retailers when it came to the WildStorm Universe, and it was a real shame, as I’m pretty proud of the work we later produced with World’s End.
    So basically Grant Morrison killed Wildstorm!

    Huge loss for DC though. I already love Madefire's innovative attitude, but I'm not a fan of motion comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Holmes View Post
    So basically Grant Morrison killed Wildstorm!
    Damn that Scotsman.


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