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    Default POLL: Which Famous Comic Locale Would You Like to Spend Thanksgiving?

    With the turkey feast almost upon those of us in the United States, CBR wonders, at which famous comic book locale would you most like to spend the Thanksgiving holiday?

    Full article here.

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    I'd want a family atmosphere so that rules a load of options out. Aunt May's house is out now that Doc Ock is in Spidey as I really don't want to risk seeing him decide to start things up with his former intended again. The Kent farm is out as you never know when Pa Kent is gonna be revived or killed off again and I don't want to be retconned out of existence whilst eating my turkey. So I've got to go with Baxter Building. Well defended, family atmosphere. You'd have to put up with The Thing's Aunt Petunia and Yancy Street, but there's a strong chance of getting out of the negative zone or microverse alive.

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    The Watchtower is on the moon. My choice was easy.
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