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    Default The Clark/Superman & Lois Relationship Thread

    Hi everyone!! I'm creating this thread for anyone who likes, has a soft spot, or is fond of the Clark & Lois relationship. Them and their relationship are part of the Superman legacy, after all! I took my time, searching if there was a similar thread already created, but as it doesn't seem to exist, I'm taking the chance to make one. Please mods, feel free to erase the thread if you feel like I'm breaking the rules or being disrespectful, and feel free to merge this thread in case I by mistake, have duplicated an existing one.

    We can discuss everything related to them, all their incarnations (comics, live action, animated series), constructive criticism, what's your favorite era, your fave writer, favorite arc, Else Worlds, AU's, etc. Everything you want about this couple!!

    One of my fave scenes in the Kingdom Come Special - Justice Society of America (that's the name of the book, in my country btw). Heart wrenching, IMO.

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